Okra is better known by its common name as lady’s finger or gumbo. This high fiber vegetable is known for its high soluble and insoluble fiber content. This vegetable is usually used in many recipes and is also a part of many nutritional diets, as it is highly beneficial. Let us quickly look at the some of the amazing benefits of okra.

Okra USDA Nutrition Chart:


Nutrient Value

Percentage of RDA

Energy1.5%31 Kcal
Carbohydrates7.03 g5.4%
Protein2.0 g4%
Total Fat0.1 g0.5%
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Dietary Fiber9%3.2 g


Folates88 µg22%
Niacin1.000 mg6%
Pantothenic acid0.245 mg5%
Pyridoxine0.215 mg16.5%
Riboflavin0.060 mg4.5%
Thiamin0.200 mg17%
Vitamin C21.1 mg36%
Vitamin A375 IU12.5%
Vitamin E0.36 mg2.5%
Vitamin K53 µg44%


Sodium8 mg0.5%
Potassium303 mg6%


Calcium81 mg8%
Copper0.094 mg10%
Iron0.80 mg10%
Magnesium57 mg14%
Manganese0.990 mg43%
Phosphorus63 mg9%
Selenium0.7 µg1%
Zinc0.60 mg5.5%


Carotene-ß225 µg
Crypto-xanthin-ß0 µg
Lutein-zeaxanthin516 µg


100 grams of Okra contains 1.5% energy from calories, 7.03 gram carbohydrates, 2 gram protein, 0.1 gram fat and 9% fiber. Such fiber content can prove to be very beneficial for the body. Other nutrients are folates 88mg, niacin 1mg, Vitamin C 21.1mg, Vitamin E 0.36mg and Vitamin K 53mg. Other than these, Okra also contains calcium 81mg, copper 0.094mg, iron 0.8mg, magnesium 57mg, manganese 0.99mg, phosphorous 63mg and zinc 0.6 mg.

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Health Benefits Of Okra/Lady’s Finger:

1. High fiber content:

The dietary fiber content of okra/lady’s finger is known to be high and hence many health specialists recommend it for digestive benefits. The fibers aid the process of digestion in the body by facilitating proper bowel movement.

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  • shabina

    Take two pieces of Lady’s Finger (Okra) or known as Bhindi in South Asia and remove/cut both ends of each piece. Also put a small cut in the middle and put these two pieces in glass of water. Cover the glass and keep it at room temperature during night. Early morning, before breakfast simply remove two pieces of Lady’s Finger (Okra) from the glass and drink that water.

    Keep doing it on daily basis. Within two weeks, you will see remarkable results in reduction of your SUGAR.

    • Nenette West

      Do you keep using the same lady fingers? At what point do you throw it out and cut up new ones? And do you only drink it once a day?

  • Sahasra

    Okra is one of my favorite vegetables and i often add it in my diet. wow!! I do love it,but I dint know it was so good for health! lovely post. i will definitely try this out. Thanks a lot for this informative post.

  • fatima

    thank you so much for the post. I really do appreciate

  • J Surya Kumari, Hyderabad

    I am taking okra juice every day in the morning and waiting for the result. Its really a wonderful
    natural medicine for diabetic patients.
    J Surya Kumari

  • Nikki Millar

    I think okra is great. I stir fry it with some seasoning (sea salt, olive oil and Mrs. Dash) and have a little rice with it, makes a great dinner, very filling, satisfying and healthy enough to eat several times a week. Try to curry it or add it to your favorite dish as well. Thank you for the great tips!

  • http://www.stylecraze.com/ StyleCraze

    Dear Priya, Okra’s has soothing effects and reduce inflammation in the digestive tract and other areas of the body such as blood vessels, eyes, lungs, and joints. Okra is considered as a good food for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and fibromyalgia.