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10 Amazing Benefits Of Rose Hip Oil

10 Amazing Benefits Of Rose Hip Oil October 25, 2017

Rose hip oil or the oil extracted from the seeds of a wild rose bush is an amazing natural healing and beauty product for the skin and hair. Rose hip oil is mostly used as a natural beauty product. But, certain parts of the world, especially Chile has been using it for generations for its many health benefits. You can consume this oil as well as apply it externally to get those benefits.

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Here are the top 10 benefits of rose hip oil:

1. Antibiotic Properties:

Rose hip oil has amazing antibiotic properties due to which it can help handle problems like cold, cough and fever. It boosts the immunity power and keeps infections at bay.

2. Weight Control:

A combination of rose hip oil and apple juice reduces high blood sugar and high cholesterol level, which are the main reasons of obesity.

3. Nourishment For Dry Hair:

Rose hip oil makes your hair healthy and strong. Warm rose hip oil when applied on the scalp helps in smoothening dry hair. Leave this oil for an hour before shampooing your hair. Regular use of this oil will give you soft, smooth, and silky hair. This oil can even be used on colored and permed hair.

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4. Hydration For Skin:

Rose hip oil for skin works great by giving required amount of moisture. It has essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid. It hydrates the skin, helps it stay firm, and keeps it nourished for long. It softens the dry areas of the body, such as lips, elbows, knees, and soles.

5. Nourishment For Weak Nails:

Rose hip oil also helps in strengthening your brittle nails. Massaging rose hip oil on such nails periodically strengthens them and improves their shine.

6. Anti-Dandruff:

The regular use of rose hip oil on the scalp can treat dandruff, which is a kind of dryness of the skin. Just massage it on your scalp for about half an hour. Due to the moisturizing properties of this oil, it reduces dandruff effectively.

7. Scar And Spot Treatment:

The nourishing properties of rose hip oil make it perfect for the treatment of stretch marks, scars and dark spots on the skin. This oil helps in healing various skin issues faster. It makes your skin soft, smooth and supple.

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8. Delays Signs Of Aging:

It has excellent nourishing and skin healing properties. Due to this it works as an excellent ingredient to prevent and cure premature aging of the skin. This oil helps in the reduction of pigmentation and keeps the skin healthy.

9. Heals Sunburn:

In case of sunburns, one can apply rose hip oil on the affected area immediately and experience a cooling sensation. The oil heals burnt skin and soothes the burning sensation of the affected area.

10. Brings Glow Back:

If you use rose hip oil regularly, you can help get back the lost glow of your skin. It also works to make your skin wrinkle free and young.

Rose hip oil is the perfect solution for people looking for a natural solution for their skin and hair woes. It is natural, easily available and easy to use, which makes it a must have for all women!

So, when are you getting hold of some rose hip oil? Try this oil and soak in the goodness of this natural wonder!

Have you ever used rose hip oil? What is your experience of using rose hip oil? Are you planning to use it? Write to us in the comments section below.

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