Amazing Eye Makeup Without Eye Liner – Tutorial With Detailed Steps And Pictures May 26, 2015

If your boyfriend says you look better without makeup or you are meeting up to volunteer for an organization, then you really don’t need to be all jazzed up! But, most of the times, we really don’t understand how to do a minimal makeup. Not all occasions need an overdone look! There is something called ‘dressing for the occasion’!

But don’t worry! Today, we have a makeup tutorial that will make you look natural and pretty without using layers of makeup. You know that de-glam look? Well, you sure can rock it with this minimal makeup tutorial!

I am sure most of us think that we look ghostly and washed out without eyeliner. But doesn’t lining your eyes make you look overdone on some occasions? This is why we have got an easy, yet pretty technique of doing your eye makeup without any eye liner! It is a technique, which is done by rimming your upper lash waterline. It is great if you don’t want to exaggerate your upper lid eye area, but still would like to frame your eyes.

Products Used:

  • I have used the Lotus Herbals kajal in black. It is best to use a formula, which doesn’t burn your eyes. The kajal also provides good color intensity and lasting effect.
  • I used a flat concealer brush from Kryolan. It is best to select a thin, stiff and flat brush as it will help to line your eyes perfectly.

No Liner Eye Makeup Look Tutorial:

Here’s how to get the perfect no liner eye makeup look:

Step 1:

Before you begin with the makeup, make sure that your eye area is well moisturized. Start by applying an eye cream to moisturize and relieve the dryness in the under eye area. You can use your ring finger to apply and blend the product and allow it to be absorbed by the skin. Then, apply your favorite concealer. But, if you have deep pigmented eyelids, then it is best to use a corrector before you use the concealer. Set the concealer with powder to avoid creases and fine lines.

Pick a creamy nude base and cover up the center of the eyelid area. Then, pick your brush and dip the edge of the brush into the gel liner case or a kajal end to load up the kajal evenly on both sides of the brush.

Step 2:

Now place your other hand over your head and gently lift your upper eyelid area. Do not pull the eyelid harshly. Be gentle as it might irritate your eyes and cause watering. Now, start at the outermost corner of the upper waterline of your eyes. Gently press the brush to tight line your eyes.

Step 3:

Gently continue filling the kajal across your upper waterline. It is better that you look down while applying the kajal easily. Continue it till you have reached the innermost corner of the upper waterline.

Step 4:

Curl your eyelashes and follow it up with mascara to create an illusion of thicker eyelashes. If you want to create a slight intense and dramatic look, you can use false eyelashes or individual fake eyelashes.

Step 5:

Apply a nude or white eye pencil and line the lower waterline of your eyes and softly smudge it with the same brush. As a final touch, apply a matte cream eyeshadow to the innermost corner of your eyes to add a gorgeous finish. And you are done!

Subtle yet elegant—the perfect minimal eye makeup you can sport! This look will highlight your natural features without layering you with makeup. Natural beauty—yes, that’s you!

Do you like to keep it simple when it comes to makeup? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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