Amazing Face Masks For Teens To Thirties April 13, 2015

Wrinkles are the last thing we worry about till hit our late thirties but doesn’t mean we ignore our skin otherwise now does it? And why would anyone say no to a little pampering?

This article is all about all the pampering we can get while making sure we use some of the most amazing face packs!

Amazing face Masks for teens to thirties:

1. Marigold Flower Mask:

Marigold flowers are easily available at any local store. These are great for a refreshing mask.


  • yellow marigold leaves
  • honey
  • milk


  • Take yellow marigolds and with their petals only, grind them up with some honey and milk.
  • Use this paste as mask.
  • Use on face for about 15 minutes, feel the real freshness of nature !

It will treat pimples also–slightly though since marigold has anti-bacterial properties.  Did u know marigold leaves can be used on cuts and bruises and they stop bleeding and heal the place faster? It’s an immediate treatment.

2. Papaya Mask:

Papaya mask is great for all types of skins. It has skin lightening element and is great for skin with blemishes.


  • Papaya
  • Honey
  • Mausambi/ orange juice


  • Peel and mash a papaya into a paste, mix some honey, preferably 2 teaspoon orange or mausambi juice (avoid lemon or lime juice which is stronger).
  • Use on face for like 15 minutes

Feel the difference. You’ll love it.

3. Potato Mask:

Potato also has skin lightening properties and anti-puffiness properties.


  • Potato
  • Raw milk


  • Take a medium sized potato, peel it
  • Wash well then make a paste with some milk (raw)
  • Use on face for about 12-15 minutes.

You’ll feel your skin will breathing again.

4. Chamomile Mask:

These also you can collect from your garden or from the parks which has chamomile plants. You can also buy them from florists.


  • Chamomile flowers


  • Crush them with raw milk and honey.
  • Apply this paste on face for about 20 minutes and get a spa like feeling!

Even better if you are taking a bubble bath apply this mask on face! Try it!

5. Rose Mask:

Flowers can do so much and talking of roses, well we all love roses, don’t we? Why not use them on our face too? We love using rose water on face, so next time try out a flower power rose mask.


  • Rose flower petals
  • rose water or raw milk


  • Take non colored roses like white or pink or total red i.e. pure bred roses (but  do not go for hybrid varieties like orange , mixed colors, violet, black or yellow).
  • Crush them up with some rose water or raw milk and use on face for about 15 minutes or just 10 minutes.

This will give you an awesome feeling !

6. Orange Peel Mask:

We get loads of varieties of masks at stores which contain orange peels. Next time, you eat an orange, don’t throw away the skin or squeeze the oil into some one’s eyes (LOL ).


  • Orange peel


  • Grate the peel finely, dry it in the sun and then grind it.
  • Keep the powder in an air tight container in a fridge and when needed take a little bit and mix or blend with some raw milk, or just plain water
  • Use on face for about 15 minutes .

7. Banana Mask:

Banana is good for our health, hair and skin as well. Though I would never try banana mask on hair, face mask is to die for! It makes your skin soft and supple.


  • Banana
  • lemon juice


  • Mash banana with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Use on face for about 10-12 minutes or max 15 minutes.

8. Mixed Mask:

Sometimes it’s good to experiment and combine stuff and you may end up having a great face treat for yourself.


  • Cucumber
  • half ripe banana
  • oatmeal


  • Take half medium sized cucumber and peel it  and mash it with half a ripe banana,
  • Mix some cooked oat meal to it , or soaked over night and then blended, and make a thick paste, thick enough to stick to the face.
  • Then keep it on for about 15-20 minutes.

Real refreshing and gives a softness to skin !

9. Honey Mask:

Honey is yummy but, its mask is even yummier.


  • Honey
  • lemon juice


  • Make a mask of 3tspn honey with half a teaspoon lemon juice
  • Use on face.

This will give intense moisturisation to the skin. Great for young skins suffering from dryness. In the meantime lemon or lime juice will work its way to lighten pigmentation. Since using lemon juice will make skin photosensitive, do not go out into the sun for at least 5 hrs. If u still have to wear a sunscreen ( good quality) at least 20 minutes before stepping out .

10. Gram Flour Mask:

Old habits die hard ! Ya so , this mask has been used from times immemorial in ceremonies to weddings to brighten up girl’s complexions, and even today it’s a total hit.


  • gram flour
  • turmeric
  • rose water/ plain water


  • Make a paste of enough of gram flour or besan and turmeric powder about half to one teaspoon, not more than that.
  • Use some rose water or plain water
  • Make a paste and apply on face for 15-20 minutes.

Off you go now! Pamper yourself silly and come out looking even prettier!