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Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kombucha Tea

Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kombucha Tea April 4, 2018

The ancient drink ‘Kombucha’ has been prepared since centuries. It originated in China during the reign of the Tsin dynasty. Because of its manifold health benefits it was named the “elixir of life”, meaning the one that elongates life. Later it became popular in Russia and the United States.

Kombucha is a lightly effervescent and fermented drink made with sweetened black tea that has various health benefits. It has been known since long and served as a beverage with meals or taken before bedtime to cleanse the system and keep away various health issues. Since it is naturally fermented and carbonated, it benefits the body in many ways. Read on to know more.

1. Detoxifies the System:

Kombucha tea has loads of organic acids that improve the functioning of the organs, especially the pancreas, kidneys and liver. Warm kombucha tea should be consumed before bedtime so that it can work its magic overnight. It also contains glucaric acid that helps the immune system fight cancer cells in the body.

2. Strengthens the Immune System:

Once the system is cleansed through frequent urination, the organs can function properly and focus on more important activities. This prepares the body to fight against diseases and infections more effectively.

3. Increases Metabolism:

Clogs and blockages are cleared with regular intake of Kombucha tea. This makes the body more active and the metabolic processes in the body are triggered.

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4. Strengthens the Joints and Relieves Pain:

Glucosamine is one of the main ingredients of Kombucha tea. This is helpful in strengthening the bones and joints. It provides the joints with moisture, flexibility and lubrication, and relieves a person of serious joint problems and inflammation.

5. Healthy Weight Loss Technique:

Weight loss happens in more than one way with the use of Kombucha tea. Firstly, since overall functioning is improved one feels healthier and the effectiveness of exercising is increased. Secondly, it detoxifies the system and burns unhealthy fats.

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6. Refreshes the Skin:

Kombucha tea is a good healer for eczema. It clears the skin internally and relieves it from problems like acne and pimples. The tea makes the skin look younger and brings out an inner glow. Skin problems can also be traced back to stomach problems that Kombucha tea takes care of.

7. Energy Booster:

Tea, coffee, sodas and energy drinks are in major demand amongst the youth these days. These are meant to provide an energy boost. Kombucha tea is a natural and safe way to boost up energy levels in the body. It keeps your system energized and active at all times.

8. Reduces PMS Symptoms:

Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS is common in women during the menstrual period. Kombucha tea benefits in clearing periods and getting rid of these symptoms. For those who take the tea regularly, the symptoms reduce over time.

9. Loaded with Vitamins and Enzymes:

Kombucha tea is very rich in Vitamin B, organic acids, amino acids, active enzymes and polyphenol anti-oxidants. Organic acids like butyric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, lactic acid and gluconic acid keep the body fit and active.

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10. Improves Digestion:

Kombucha tea, with all its goodness, is light on the stomach and facilitates the digestion of food. It helps release gastric juices that make the work of the stomach easy. In addition, the pro-biotic bacteria and yeast make way to the gut and prevent the buildup of worms and parasites in the stomach.

Kombucha tea is easily available and has various benefits as listed above. It may not be very tasty at the beginning, but gradually the taste sets on your tongue and you can enjoy this healthy tea any time without worrying about any ill effects. Moreover, one should know that nothing happens overnight, so regular consumption of the tea is essential to see and feel Kombucha benefits on your body.


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