50 Saree Blouse Designs That Will Amaze You January 12, 2017

Huzur iss kadar bhi na itraa ke chaliye,
Khule aam aanchal na lehra ke chaliye.

Nothing can beat a woman in a saree. This classic eight-yard piece of cloth, when draped, can make any woman look beautiful, charming, and classy, and some of our television and B-town personalities are proof of that. In fact, Bollywood has seen many songs that are especially dedicated to the ‘saree clad’ beauty, including this iconic one written by Gulzar.

But, however pretty and expensive your saree is, if you do not have the right blouse on, your whole look can be ruined. And sometimes, a smart blouse itself can make a plain saree look sassy.

Now, don’t go looking for those totally out-of-fashion stuff – sequined ones with a deep cut doesn’t work anymore, my dear. Come on, you have too many places to take inspiration from – TV serials, magazines, newspapers, neighbor’s wedding reception, and this amazing top 50 list.

Take a peek!

Top 50 Saree Blouse Designs

1. The Jacket Cut


Image: Source

What can be better than beginning a fashion list with our very own fashionista Sonam Kapoor? To be honest, she is one woman who can make everything she wears look classy – be it an exquisite gown or simple jeans. Kudos to this B-town beauty who doesn’t fall short on experimenting, just like this offbeat blouse-jacket design she is sporting in the pic.

Traced with intricate embroidery, this blouse is woven in different panels, making it even more exclusive. Another plus point to this classic blouse is the upturned mandarin collar that highlights her long neck. She has topped this beautiful halter blouse with a long sleeved jacket made from an embellished net fabric, giving it a couture feel.

Tip – This jacket-blouse would look fab on a plain silk saree with a defined border, or you can even go ahead and drape a full-fledged embroidered saree. Trust me, it will look fab! That’s the charm of this blouse.

2. The Game Of Brocades


Image: Source

This is one of those simple designs by Soch that can be paired with most sarees. But that doesn’t make this blouse any less exquisite! On the contrary, this pretty golden blouse has a charm of its own. The front opening is curved outward at the bottom, putting the focus on your navel. If your mid-section is toned, flaunt it!

Tip – This blouse will look gorgeous with your off-white cotton saree.

3. Pleats And Buttons


Image: Source

Designed by Gaurav Gupta, this uber-chic powdered pink blouse has many distinct features that will make your silk chiffon saree a bit hit at the party.

Apart from the rather unusual drooped neckline, this style includes a smart use of net and pleats. This is the perfect style for those who love to experiment and would like to snatch the best from the runway.

Tip- Pair this blouse with your simple silk-chiffon saree. You will be the show-stopper at the party!

4. Cape In The House


Image: Instagram

Wouldn’t it be unfair to make a saree-blouse list and not include our very own Shanti Priya in it?

The sassy and classy Deepika Padukone has time and again proved her love for traditional wear. And why shouldn’t she? She looks absolutely gorgeous in this attire! She wore this out-of-the-box blouse for one of her Bajirao Mastani promotions.

This blouse piece has two parts – one simple fitted 3-layered corset blouse and a sheer cape on top with a lacy edge. It looks absolutely unique and sassy.

Tip – This style can work either way – if you have a heavy blouse, then you can opt for a plain chiffon saree, and if your inner blouse is plain, a saree with light work on it would look good. Anyhow, it’s better not to go overboard with this design.

5. All That Fringe


Image: Instagram

This season is all about sexy fringes, so why miss out on that while choosing a blouse piece for a party? You can take inspiration from Malaika Arora, who has definitely gone ahead and flaunted this style (which looks awesome on her, by the way).

The full-sleeved lace blouse has a paneled front, with fringes delicately hanging on the hem. The ruched net sleeve has an additional fringed panel added horizontally, which further adds to the beauty of this exquisite style. But, the most obvious variation comes in the form of the diamond shaped back, laced with those pretty fringes, which will most definitely make several heads turn.

Tip – Wear this sexy style with one of your simpler chiffon/georgette sarees to get the ‘Malaika’ look.

6. Wedding Wows


Image: Instagram

Choosing an outfit for a wedding isn’t an easy task, especially with the market overflowing with done-to-death styles. What can be more embarrassing than falling into a fashion faux-pas, especially when it’s a lady that you know and are not too fond of (Oh Ms. B, our blouse styles look quite similar, don’t you think?)!

To avoid all the mess, I suggest you go for this elegant yet unique Tarun Tahiliani design from his ‘The Last Dance of the Courtesan’ Couture Collection 2016. The X-factor here is the absolute no seam jeweled fabric, which will most definitely put you in the limelight. Inspiring, isn’t it?

Tip – Wear this lush beige blouse with your heavy work saree and be ready to get tons of compliments!

7. Lacy Wonders


Image: Instagram

Prefer white and lacy? Then this style is made just for you.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore this beautiful full-sleeved lace blouse with a chiffon-silk saree at Women Of Worth Awards 2016, leaving the audience awestruck yet again with her feminine charm and grace.

The uncut raw edges make up the boat-shaped neckline, and the sheerness makes a bold statement.

Tip – Other than going the same way as Aishwarya, you can pair up this blouse with a plain chiffon saree in a contrasting color (black, navy or maroon).

8. Looped Up


Image: Instagram

Doesn’t this style reminds you of the bold and sassy chemistry professor Ms. Chandani from the movie Main Hoon Na?

Picked out from Satya Paul’s Autumn Winter 2016 collection, this blouse pattern is all about boldness. The front is styled like a low-cut bikini and the back is laced with a set of pretty loops conjoining the fabric strings.

Tip – Plain or printed, any type of chiffon/georgette can be paired with this amazing blouse piece.

9. Sheer Magic


Image: Source

Another one of Gaurav Gupta’s specimens, this style is very simple, yet sassy.

The simple round neck, intricate embroidery on the shoulders, and a satin-pleated bust – all these features make this blouse a classic piece. And if you crave for class in your clothes, bingo, you have found ‘the style’!

Tip – It’s always better not to go overboard with these designs. So, pair it up with a plain silk-chiffon saree and you are done!

10. The V-Effect


Image: Instagram

Those who have a liking for choli-blouses will definitely love this amazing piece. Sonam Kapoor seems to love it too!

With a refined V-cut in front and a sagging hem, this lace blouse has a halter neck that will totally complement your pretty back.

Tip – Wear this style with a plain saree and get ready to be complimented over and over again.

11. Collared Love


Image: Source

This simple brocade design stands out due to its totally unusual neckline.

Designed to have a sailor collar, this style is made for those who like to experiment without missing out on class.

Tip – Pair this beautiful blouse with a silk or cotton saree to have that classy look.

12. Jeweled Boat


Image: Instagram

Picked from The Couture and Bridal 2015-2016 collection, this Tarun Tahiliani design screams royalty at its finest.

This blouse has a unique boat neckline that is intricately woven with precious stones. It has jeweled flaps at the arms. The entire blouse is covered in refined layers of elegant embroideries and embellishments on top of a satin base, which further adds to the overall beauty of this blouse piece.

Tip – You can pair this one with both plain and embroidered silk-satin sarees.

13. Royal Dose


Image: Instagram

Another one of the royal specimens, this Sabyasachi couture is made for those who like to keep things subtle and classy.

This silk-satin blouse features a simple closed neckline and even simpler sleeves that come up to mid-biceps.

Tip – You can wear this classic piece with a silk saree.

14. Black Beauty


Image: Source

This loose black blouse with gold highlights is perfect for those looking for a change from short and fitted blouses.

Chosen from the Gaurav Gupta Autumn Winter 2016 collection, this style features a round neck that has gold embroidery, and loose three-fourth sleeves with a gold-embroidered border.

Tip- Wear this blouse with a silk-chiffon plain saree.

15. Cap-Shoulders


Image: Instagram

Famous designer Tarun Tahiliani is known for his exquisite works, and another fine example of this would be this unique design from his latest Bridal Couture Collection.

This designer blouse piece is made from gold-embroidered velvet, and has a distinct shoulder cap.

Tip – Pair this blouse with a heavy work saree and be ready to shine!

16. Crossbow Mirrors


Image: Instagram

Feeling bold? Then I suggest you go for this style that will perfectly define your beautiful back.

This pretty blouse is made from a multi-colored mirror-work fabric. This blouse has a crossbow shape at the back.

Tip – Pair this blouse with a sexy black chiffon saree and all the eyes will be on you!

17. Gathered Waterfalls


Image: Instagram

Those looking for a plain yet sexy design should opt for this ‘Jacqueline Fernandes’ special chiffon blouse.

Along with a gathered front and back, this style has a crocheted strap that adds an oomph factor to this blouse.

Tip – Wear this blouse with a chiffon saree in the same color to look super hot!

18. Golden-Silver Waves


Image: Source

This halter neck blouse design from Gaurav Gupta is for those who want to go exclusive this wedding season.

This blouse has pretty golden-silver combinations. It’s heavily embroidered neck-patch is absolutely amazing.

Tip – Wear this blouse with pastel colored-chiffon silk sarees.

19. Your Majesty


Image: Instagram

This plain white blouse adds a touch of royalty to the whole attire, doesn’t it?

Karishma Kapoor definitely looks uber-chic in this classic Sabyasachi outfit. She has paired the ensemble with a closed cropped, simple, cotton-silk full-sleeved blouse.

Tip – You can pair this blouse with both plain and heavy sarees.

20. Flowers And Jewels


Image: Instagram

Another example of exquisite finesse, this blouse is heavily adorned with faux jewels and embroidery that makes it oh-so-appealing!

The halter neckline is unique, and is joined to the bosom with the help of embroidered straps.

Tip – Wear this blouse with your plain solid chiffon saree.

21. Kutch Beauty


Image: Instagram

Those looking to experiment with their blouse designs should opt for this totally desi look by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, just like our Sonam did!

This full-sleeved, jacket-style blouse with colorful Kutch embroidery gets a little fit under the bust and then flares to give a peplum kind of look.

Tip- This one looks best when paired with a plain saree.

22. Fluorescent Love


Image: Instagram

Kajal Agarwal definitely shines in this exclusively picked fluorescent green blouse – and so can you!

This three-fourth sleeve satin-silk blouse by Manish Arora looks stunningly pretty with its high-collar. All you need is a pair of statement earrings, and you are done!

Tip – Go for a simple chiffon or cotton-silk saree with this style.

23. Corset Effect


Image: Instagram

Corset style has been an in-out design for blouses for years, yet no one can deny the amount of sexiness a simple corset can add to your saree ensemble.

Made out of silk-satin embroidered fabric, this piece is exquisitely stylish with its super-embellished front and tie-ups at the back.

Tip – Any net or georgette saree would look good with this corset style blouse.

24. Chic And Pretty


Image: Instagram

I totally adore the way Shilpa Shetty flaunts her saree and blouses, just like this pretty and stylish ensemble she recently adorned.

The X-factor in this pretty simple cut-sleeve blouse comes from the round lace pattern that starts from her bust, and runs till under her chin.

Tip – Wear this blouse with a plain chiffon saree to stand out.

25. The Flower Base


Image: Instagram

Deepika Padukone has yet again proved her love for the classic in the form of the above ensemble.

This rich, flower-based pastel lace blouse has a defined flat neckline and full-sleeves that end with a crochet border. Simply beautiful!

Tip – A simple plain net saree would look fabulous with this blouse style.

26. Queen’s Style


Image: Source

Picked from the latest collection of ‘Soch’, this style speaks of class with simplicity.

With a sweetheart bust and sheer bordered flat neckline, this blouse has three-fourth sleeves that will definitely make several heads turn.

Tip – Pair this blouse with an off-white or black cotton saree to sport a classic look.

27. A Princess’s Tale


Image: Instagram

Unusual and beautiful. These two words definitely sum up what this particular Sonam Kapoor look is all about. And that is the only reason why I’m so biased towards this particular look.

With a Parisian look, this style is made from exclusive silk-satin that is loosely stitched.

Tip – Pair this pretty blouse with a simple plain silk-satin saree.

28. Mesh And Gold


Image: Instagram

A simple halter that isn’t so simple after all. This Tarun Tahiliani specimen has class and beauty. The gold mesh fabric gives this design a royal feel, and the cut makes the blouse look ultra-modern.

Tip – Adorn this pretty blouse with a heavy-work georgette or chiffon saree.

29. All That Pink


Image: Instagram

This Swati Vijai Vargie design from Lakme Fashion Week A/W 2016 has a stylish look that will make you stand out in a crowd. It features a peculiar pattern, alternating between scoops of pink gold, and has potli buttons adorning the neckline.

Tip – Any kind of cotton or silk saree would look amazing with this particular style.

30. Love Thy Nude


Image: Instagram

Our ‘Shut up and Bounce’ girl Shilpa Shetty’s recently adorned saree-blouse combination definitely sparked an interest among saree-lovers. That nude silk blouse with red and white crochet adorning the neckline and upper-arm really takes the cake.

Tip – Pair this blouse with a plain silk saree, just like Shilpa Shetty did.

31. Off The Shoulders


Image: Instagram

Pretty Masaba Gupta, who designed this off-shoulder printed blouse herself, wore it in a Diwali function. This low-cut cotton blouse is for those who are up for a sexy look.

Tip – Pair this black blouse with an off-white saree to make heads turn.

32. The Parallel Bridges


Image: Instagram

This bold crochet and net blouse design is absolutely unique. It has parallel rectangular pieces running from shoulder bridges to the under-bust, where they are attached to another crochet piece.

Tip- Wear this blouse with a net or cotton saree.

33. The Beige Love


Image: Source

Another of Gaurav Gupta’s specimens, this blouse has a defined neckline that features a half-collar style, and small potli buttons. The bust area here is enveloped in silk-satin nude fabric.

Tip – Simply pair this blouse with a silk-satin plain saree.

34. Ruched Effect


Image: Instagram

This Tarun Tahiliani design seems to be inspired from the Gupta period. It has subdued gold and silver work on the blouse. The jeweled halter neckline and the ruched sheer fabric add oodles of oomph to the attire.

Tip – Go for a net and chiffon saree of a similar color when you wear this blouse.

35. All Rise Bronze


Image: Instagram

Tamannah Bhatia recently paired this red hot saree with an even hotter blouse. This round neck crepe silk blouse has a bronze jeweled neckline that looks absolutely stunning.

Tip- This blouse would look good with a plain saree of the same fabric.

36. Flowers With Buttons


Image: Instagram

This Anamika Khanna design of blouse has a pretty simple lace front and an interesting back. The ruched pale pink front is extremely pretty, and the straps at the back are embedded with simple black buttons that take up the style quotient of this piece by several notches.

Tip – I would suggest you go for a plain or lightly embellished silk-satin saree with this blouse.

37. Dual Tone


Image: Source

This design radiates simplicity. Made from cotton-silk fabric, this design works for its dual necklines – sheer and solid – that complement each other so well.

Tip – You can wear this style with any type of saree – cotton, silk or satin.

38. Trapped Love


Image: Source

Satya Paul can create the sexiest blouses ever – and this is no different.

This blouse has two straps that can be tied at the back of the neck. So bold, yet beautiful.

Tip – You can wear this plain blouse with a printed chiffon saree to rock the party!

39. The Gold Collar


Image: Source

Oh, how much I love collared blouses! Shilpa Shetty has again come up with a style I’m definitely game for. Her golden sequined shirt collared blouse is made even more fab with the help of the lace front.

Tip – Go simple with this heavy blouse. Try a silk-satin or crepe saree that would not look over-the-top with this blouse.

40. Cut Cross


Image: Source

This sexy design is really unique. It has a scooped cut that is joined to a high neckline with three straps.

Tip – Wear this style with a plain silk or crepe saree.

41. Angel Sleeves

The free flowing sleeves and the lace neckline definitely makes this Manish Malhotra design an instant hit. This style utilizes a mix of crepe and silk-satin fabrics.

Tip – You will need to pair this blouse very wisely – that is why going for a plain silk-satin or crepe saree is the best option.

42. Princess Perfect


Image: Instagram

This rich and embellished nude velvet blouse has a unique cut. It covers the belly-button, wile leaving the handles bare. A really unique one!

Tip – Just like the other rich designs, this blouse demands a less fancy saree. So, I suggest you opt for a simple silk satin saree of the same color.

43. Embellished Up


Image: Instagram

Television actress Kritika Kamra played bold with this exquisite off-shoulder design, and inspired me to try this out too. This lightly embellished lime-colored plain blouse is simply beautiful and will definitely make you the star of the night.

Tip – Go for a net/crepe saree to bring out the beauty of this blouse.

44. The Peter-pan Effect


Image: Instagram

Peter Pan collars are ‘in’ right now, and Lakme Fashion Week has proved it by including this style in the ethnic wear cluster. This khadi-silk terracotta blouse with the precise two-inch Peter Pan collar and three-fourth sleeves is innovative, yet stylish.

Tip – Pair this blouse with a khadi-silk saree to get the look.

45. Pleated Wonder


Image: Instagram

This stiffly pleated loose organdy blouse perfectly complements Sonam Kapoor’s ombre saree.

Tip – As stated, this style will look best with a similar fabric (organdy in this case).

46. The Cut-Work


Image: Instagram

Cut-work designs can bring a lot of glory to a simple garment, especially when done right. And this is what I mean by doing it right – it should neither be overwhelming nor very subdued. The boat neckline adds to the charm of this simple blouse.

Tip – Wear this blouse with a plain cotton-silk or silk saree, preferably in orange, yellow, or black.

47. The Striped Mess


Image: Instagram

This design is not commonly seen in the saree-blouse industry, especially that dangling sleeve and the shirt style. That is precisely why this Myoho design from Lakme Fashion Week 2016 has found a place in my top 50 list.

Tip – This can be one of the best blouse designs for silk sarees. Wear it and be ready to be the show stopper.

48. Hazel Halter


Image: Instagram

Gauri Khan loves going for the unique, and here is a fine example. This exclusively embellished halter blouse adds a definite charm to her printed saree, which looks just perfect on her.

Tip – Go the Gauri Khan way, and opt for a printed chiffon saree to go with this blouse style.

49. Mirror-work Charms


Image: Instagram

This unique mirror-work blouse has a distinct sexiness that is well associated with our ‘Bazigar’ girl. Just like several other styles on this list, this style also has a halter neck. However, the unique part thing about this is it has a straight panel joining the bust and neck that looks absolutely fabulous.

Tip – Wear this blouse with a plain silk saree to get the perfect Shilpa Shetty look.

50. The Chic


Image: Instagram

This chic blouse is picked from the Tarun Tahiliani’s ‘Regal Elegance’ collection.

It has a heavily embellished bust and sleeve-ends, and is entirely made from sheer fabric. This makes this blouse even prettier!

Tip – This style is made to be worn with a nice net saree with heavily embellished border.

Phew! That was one long list of latest blouse designs. Hope you found your pick for this wedding season!

Stay Fabulous!

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