5 Astonishing Ways Davana Essential Oil Can Benefit You September 4, 2015

Did you know that Davana oil that is used in many holy ceremonies is, in fact, derived from a plant? And that this oil can be put to use in daily life? Davana essential oil is extracted from the plant Davana. In the Hindu religion, the Davana leaves have a special place as they are mainly offered to appease Lord Shiva. The following 5 points will give you a glimpse into the unbelievable qualities of Davana essential oil.

1. Works Well As An Anti-Depressant:

The first and foremost quality of Davana essential oil is that it has miraculous healing properties for depression. This oil is also known for treating anxiety, sense of loss, mental trauma and lack of energy. Since the ancient times, Davana oil is famous for the spiritual characteristics associated with it. So, if you are looking for a natural anti-depressant, reach out for the bottle of Davana oil.

2. Makes Menstruation Smooth:

The menstruation cycle is not easy for a woman. It is often associated with spasms, nausea and mood swings. Do you feel intense abdominal pain during the days of bleeding? Are you suffering from irregular periods and related stress? Before rushing off to pay a visit to the doctor, you may consult with an expert aromatherapist about the benefits of applying Davana essential oil on your body. This oil has been used since ages to clear the blockages in the path of normal menstruation. Also, many women feel like throwing up during the days of bleeding due to acute nausea. Davana oil makes it easy for them too.

3. Relieves Cold And Cough:

Do you know that Davana oil has an expectorant property that cleans up the respiratory tracts? So the next time you have a cough that seems too hard to loosen up, use Davana oil. If the cough worsens, the phlegm-related congestion can make breathing more difficult for many. In this situation, Davana essential oil may act as a savior. On the other hand, cold comes with migraine, severe headache, and aching joints. Davana essential oil treats each of these ailments separately in no time at all.

4. Has A Relaxing Effect:

Are you burnt out due to work-related stress and anxiety? Do you lose your temper often? Davana essential oil can assist you in curbing your anger or stress significantly. This oil has a soothing effect on the brain. It also helps your body muscles and blood vessels to relax. Sprinkle a few drops of Davana oil on your pillow for a good night’s sleep. You can pour a few drops of Davana oil in a steaming tub and inhale the vapor to relieve your mind. But don’t apply this oil directly on your scalp or neck. Mix it with a carrier oil first.

5. Has Antiseptic Qualities:

The market is full of pharmaceutical, over-priced ointments for cuts, bruises, and wounds. The healing properties of Davana oil as an antiseptic lotion are quite under-rated. Do you work in an iron foundry or metal workshop? Then, keeping a bottle of Davana essential oil in your medical kit will actually help if you cut your fingers against a sharp iron object. Not only that, if you fall while running or develop a scar from an abrasive material, then Davana oil can come to your rescue. Not only in external cuts, wounds or bruises, but Davana oil is also equally effective when it comes to internal septic injuries in the urinary tracts, the kidneys as well as the urethra. But, do remember that if the septic or cut is at its initial stage, only then you can apply Davana oil on it. Otherwise, you need to consult a doctor on an urgent basis.