10 Awesome Motivational Quotes On Weight Loss April 14, 2015

You store away your photo albums, you shy away from mirrors and other reflecting surfaces, you start shopping online so you can avoid those glaring trial-room mirrors, you start wearing unisex tees and sweatshirts, you love the concept of ‘layered clothing’, you avoid people whose first statement is “You lookdifferent” and you scoff at people working out in gyms! Recognize any of these warning signs? Come on, be honest and admit that you do. 

Well, I think you (and me) need a little push in the right direction to start shedding those extra kilos and develop high self-esteem. No, I certainly am not going to rant about some fancy new supplement or a trendy way to exercise developed by an already waif-like model. I’m pretty old school, and for me, nothing works better than a few words of encouragement. So, here are the top ten motivational quotes for weight loss for people like you and me to lose weight and stay fit. 

10 Best Weight Loss Motivation Quotes

10. On Weight Loss: “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.”

Weight loss is important if you want to regain your self confidence. Start well and continue to feel good about yourself. Stop treating food as an anti- stress and anti-depression pill.

9. On Good Health: “There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset.”

At the end, all that matters are your loved ones and your own health. You can enjoy everything only if you have a healthy body.

8. On Perseverance: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Follow up on your resolution to lose weight. It is not impossible, other people have done it and so can you!

7. On Strength: “An active mind cannot exist in an inactive body.”

Think you can change the world with your ideas? Well start with little changes directed towards your own body, get healthy and stay fit.

6. On Fit Body: “At the end of the day, your body is your responsibility.”

Your body is not an object to be taken care of; it is a vessel in which you complete a journey called life. Better to enjoy that journey in a sleek Ferrari than a broken down mini!

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5. On Will Power: “Will is a skill.”

Nothing can be accomplished without will power. To lose weight, first develop the will to embark on this journey and follow it through.

4. On Self-esteem: “Treat yourself like a fat person with aches and pains and a suitcase full of excuses, and good luck–you’ll stay exactly where you are.” 

What you look like depends largely on how you think you look. Looking good and losing weight begin with a healthy self-esteem, 

3. On Starting Young: “The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and your fat are really good friends.”

Don’t wait to reach retirement age before you start on a weight loss program. Start young and stay healthier, longer.

2. On Eating Right: “Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence? I think not!”

It is all over the internet and diet books. It is time you start following that no sugar, no fats advice. 

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1. On Fad Diets: “I’m on a 90-day wonder diet. Thus far, I’ve lost 45 days.”

Yep, that’s right!! There is no miraculous cure or diet plan for becoming thinner and losing weight. Learn to read your body’s cue and style a regime for yourself.

These quotes speak volumes on how to treat your own body. The wise pay heed to them and begin right away. They won’t regret it as their reward will be a healthy, fit and gorgeous body.

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  • Rani

    Its been a long long time I planned of losing weight & even started aerobics so as to get a slim toned body. But, that lasted only for a few months. Stopped it and to my surprise, i have put on more than before. Motivational quotes like these can really build that enthusiasm in a person to reach the goal. Good that you even gave a thought on the quote.