6 Trendy Bangs For Long Hair That You Can Try Today May 11, 2015

We keep telling you that long hair doesnot necessarily mean boring but you just wont listen to us! So we decided to go ahead and show you how having long hair doesn’t hold you back from going for a more modern and delightful look! Bangs hairstyles for long hair is what this article is all about. Here are a few of the latest long hair styles with bangs!

Long Bangs Hairstyles

Style 1:

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Whats the difference between “Boxy” and “Sexy” ? Well you might wanna ask yourself this difference if you are someone wearing thin wispy one length bangs on sides. These make your face look outdated and “boxy” and that certainly is not fashionable. Now leave behind the boxy  and lets move towards the more “Sexy” you. Thick side swept bangs are in these days and the best example will be Reese Witherspoon’s hairstyle as you can see above! One of our favourite long hairstyles with bangs!

Lets talk about this hairstyle. Firstly you need to ask you hairstylist to give you some awesome steps and a thick side swept bang.

Now how to achieve the regular maintained look for this? Well firstly towel dry your bangs and then do a downward blow drying and paddle brushing. After they are dry ( forget about the rest of the hair now, just concentrate on bangs) brush inwards and keep blow drying and sweep it at the sides. For the rest of the hair you can either give it some natural waves very loose curls so that they fall off into waves after 2-5 minutes. Do not use holding spray.That’s it, you’re ready to rock girl !

Style 2:

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If your hair is sleek and straight or is wavy but want a sleek look, whatever may be the case, you can try out this short banged long hair hairstyle. If your hair isn’t sleek and straight then you can do a flat ironing or you may use a paddle brush and repeated combing technique along with blow drying for a temporary sleek straight look after a wash which is to last till the next wash. It’s definitely classy! Hairstyles bangs long hair and all!

Style 3:

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Now this one is definitely OMG material! Isn’t it? Smoking hot with those smokey eyes and glossy nude lips. If you got (may be not blonde hair) those shiny streaks of golden or bronze and wanna pull off this hairstyle then what are you waiting for? But yes this one has bangs which are left in a normal way, side swept but at the same time, it has sleek look which you have to curl from little less than the mid section. Take a BIG curling barrel and get to work and rock the party !

Style 4:

Image: Getty

This is another WOW look. But it will require a professional’s touch for sure and i really don’t think that this will be good for a windy occasion or road trip. Jokes apart , if you wanna achieve an at least somewhat similar look at home (you are actually doing some feathers here), well you need to back sweep your side bangs and brush opposite way to make them sweep upwards. Do the same with the steps of your hair, all to be upward swept. Use some strong hold spray to hold this look at least for sometime.

Style 5:

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This one can be good for any friendly occasion and also for a bridesmaid party , if you got good length hair and like curls as well as bangs then this is for you. It simple, short bangs (brushed inwards) and full length medium loose curls with your curling iron and finish with some shiny glossy holding spray !

Style 6:

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This is a very nice party style that is very elegant too! You need long bangs which you will be tying to your loose hair at the back and at the same time leaving some in the front to keep them hanging to your chest region from both sides (that’s why this looks best with corsets) while giving them some loose curls. You will be the focus !