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Beauty And Makeup Tips For Women Over 50

Beauty And Makeup Tips For Women Over 50 November 1, 2017

50 is most definitely a dreaded age for all women! Wrinkles become prominent, fine lines become a part of your look and nobody likes that look! Signs like dryness, fine lines, pigmentation and wrinkles are more prominent at the age of 50. At this stage, a skin care routine should be followed regularly. It is important that you modify your skin care and makeup routine to suit the needs of skin at that age. Otherwise, it will not matter what or how much of makeup you use, your age will definitely show.

Beauty Tips For Women Over 50

Skin Care Routine:

Cleansing is very important, don’t use a soap, you need a cleanser that can exfoliate very well and do it gently at the same time.

Do not forget to moisturize your skin and use a sunscreen consisting SPF 30 and above. Your skin ability to hydrate and regenerate has already reduced by this and even the smallest of damages will show.

Use a toner to avoid uneven skin tone.

Makeup Tips For Women Over 50

Makeup for women over 50 is all about hiding the flaws!

First start by moisturizing your face


Go with a liquid foundation (suiting your skin type) and use a sponge to blend it in. Pigmentation is a common phenomenon at this age, so use a foundation with coverage that your skin requires.

Concealer and Corrector: 

For a natural look, apply a concealer and a corrector on the foundation, especially to cover any tired lines.

Cream Blush:

Before you powder your skin, use a cream blush on the apples of the cheek as this will give you a natural glow

Apply Powder:

Don’t use powder if you have fine lines. The use of powders generally accentuates the fine lines and makes it more prominent.


Eye shadow:

Use an eye primer to fill in the fine lines, opt for subtle eye shadow shade on the lids, slightly dark color on the crease and a highlighter under the brow bone. You age certainly matters when picking the shades. You can’t go over the top with bright and crazy colours for daily wear.


Go for a darker eye shadow or a retractable eyeliner top and bottom of the eyes this will give good definition to the eyes. It is essential to add this definition as it tends to bring out a youthful look.


By this age, lashes tend to lose its strength, hence, make sure you curl them with enough mascara. And also make sure that you remove the mascara very gently at the end of the day without ripping out the ones you have.


For a complete look, fill in the eyebrows, by going high and clear. Thinning of eye brows is not uncommon as we grow older. Its just like our hair begins to thin out.


A lip liner fills the lips and also avoids lip bleeding due to dryness or fine lines.

Still worried about looking good? Just follow these simple tips to look your best even at a young age of 50. Beauty has a lot to do with confidence and what you feel like inside counts more than anything else!


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