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14 Amazing Benefits Of Cardamom Tea For Skin, Hair And Health

14 Amazing Benefits Of Cardamom Tea For Skin, Hair And Health September 20, 2017

If I were to choose from an assortment of tea to drink, I would happily and undoubtedly go for the cardamom tea. This strongly, scented tea will not just benefit your health but also your skin and hair. Cardamom is rightly given the tag of ‘Queen of Spices’ and is widely used for cooking in the eastern part of the world.

Cardamom tea is also a common drink in these parts which has found its roots many, many years ago in the eastern culture and from then on has become a part and parcel of the people residing there. Want to know how it affects your skin and hair, not to mention health? Scroll below to learn more about benefits of cardamom tea for your skin, hair and health!

Cardamom Tea Benefits For Skin

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Sip this intoxicating and aromatic beauty booster and you will witness wonders on your skin. Your skin is sure to transform into a healthy tone inside and outside. Listed below are the reasons as to how cardamom tea works for your skin:

1. Fights Free Radicals:

Cardamom tea has a whole bunch of antioxidants in them. These help in fighting the free radicals that would otherwise be a reason for the cancer your body may suffer. It is also a reason why cardamom is a really good anti-aging spice.

2. Boost Blood Circulation to the Skin:

It provides your skin with that lush, glowing look. This is mainly because it boosts the blood circulation to your skin and therefore does what it does.

3. Fixes All Skin Problems:

Your skin definitely needs a complete fix of all the problems it experiences and not a temporary solution. That is just what cardamom tea will do because of the rich and bountiful amounts of vitamins, anti-microbial agents and minerals present in it.

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Cardamom Tea Benefits For Hair

Here is a list of advantages you derive for your hair by drinking cardamom tea:

4. Strengthens Weak Hair Strands:

Want to flaunt wavy, shiny and lustrous locks? Worry no more, because the addition of cardamom tea to your life will help you achieve just that. It strengthens your weak hair strands and gives you a strong and healthy hair instead. This is hugely because of the anti-oxidative properties inherent in its seeds.

5. Protects Scalp from Infections:

With all the anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties your hair derives from this tea, it will also protect your scalp from different type of infections.

6. Treats Scalp Irritation & Itchiness:

Does your hair suffer from any sort of scalp irritation or itchiness? Consume a cup of cardamom tea as its seeds are really good antiseptics.

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Cardamom Tea Health Benefits

Read on to learn more about the many health benefits of cardamom tea.

7. Reservoir of Essential Vitamins & Minerals:

This spice is rich in vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, riboflavin etc, which are very much essential for your body. It is also a reservoir of minerals and other essential nutrients necessary for your body.

8. Protects Body from Cancer Growth:

As it is rich in antioxidants like poly phenols, it is sure to protect your body from cancerous growth.

9. Reduces Risk of Hypertension:

Do you have a problem with your blood pressure? Want to work on it? Cardamom seeds have the ability to improve the blood circulation to your lungs and decrease the incidence of hypertension.

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10. Relieves Headache:

Suffering from a splitting headache, are you? Chew a couple of cardamom seeds or have cardamom tea. You will realise your headache has vanished much sooner than you had imagined.

11. Heals Digestive Illnesses:

This sweet aromatic drink can do wonders to your indigestion problems and even flatulence issues.

12. Heals Heart Illnesses:

It’s an excellent drink for the prevention and control of pulmonary and heart diseases.

13. Provides Immunity:

There is no better tea that has the capability to detoxify your body system and provide immunity. Consume this tea on a regular basis and you will note the difference.

14. Clears Nausea:

Feeling a little dizzy today? Nausea is another ailment this wonder tea can clear you from.

If this list isn’t long enough, I can still go on adding the health benefits of cardamom tea. Cardamom tea has a storehouse of benefits for you. So make it part of your daily life from today!

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