Celery, scientifically known as Apium Graveolens (1), is one of the most nutritious plant foods available in the market. We can consume it as vegetable or prepare juice to reap the maximum benefits. Researchers have proved that celery juice is rich in almost all necessary nutrients and regular intake of this fluid can help us get a number of benefits for our health, skin and hair. Go through the full article to know about the advantages of this super food.

Celery Juice Benefits

Here we have divided the different celery juice uses into health, skin and hair to make for an easier read.

Benefits of Celery Juice for Health:

The juice of fresh raw celery is loaded with a variety of nutrients. It contains almost all essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and stocked up energy, which help in regulating the natural as well as optimal functions of our body collectively. Here is a list of health benefits of celery juice:

1. Prevents Cancer:

Keep cancer at bay by drinking celery juice every day. There are 8 types of anti-cancer substances present in the juice that can heal cancer in a number of ways. The acetylenic content of the juice prevents the tumor cells from growing, the phonolic acid content makes the hormone-like prostaglandins (accelerates the growth of cancerous cells) inactive, the phyto nutrient content stops free radicals from destroying the DNA of our cells, and so on (2).

2. Lowers Cholesterol:

Celery juice is an excellent natural remedy for lowering the cholesterol levels in our body (3). It contains a chemical compound named 3-n-butylphthalide that has positive effects on reducing the bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) in our bloodstream. It also boosts the secretion of bile or steroid acids which is helpful in lowering cholesterol too. The juice extracted only from 2 stalks of celery can decrease our cholesterol levels up to 7 points.

3. Controls Blood Pressure:

If you drink 1 glass of celery juice each day, you will be able to keep your blood pressure levels under control. It is again the effects of 3-n-butylphthalide, which diminishes the secretion of stress hormones and relaxes the muscles present around our blood vessels so that they get dilated and blood can flow through them smoothly without causing much pressure onto their inner walls (4).

4. Prevents Digestive Disorders:

Celery juice has great potential to cure various digestive disorders. It contains lots of fibers which turn the plant into a laxative one. Fibers discharge certain nutrients during the preparation of juice and prevent constipation by making the bowel movement smoother (5).

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5. Prevents Calcification:

Fresh celery juice is also useful in averting calcification inside our gall bladder, urinary bladder and kidneys. As it can remove waste as well as toxic materials from these organs, the stones present within these get broken down and eliminated easily (6).

6. Maintains Acid-Base Balance:

Studies have shown that very few foods are as powerful as celery juice in maintaining the acid-base balance in our body. It reduces the acidity and makes our body alkaline to some extent so that the pH levels remain good (7).

7. Anti- Inflammatory Action:

Celery juice is highly anti-inflammatory. It holds an organic compound named polyacetylene, which inhibits acute inflammation in bone diseases like osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. and respiratory disorders like bronchitis, asthma, etc (8).

8. Diuretic:

Being a good diuretic, celery juice facilitates the production of urine and helps us stay healthy. Basically, the two essential minerals – sodium and potassium – present in the juice act as the regulators of our body fluid, thereby promoting urination (9).

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    Nice post! The article is very well researched and well presented. Enjoyed reading this article and would love to come back for more such articles.

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    Very, Very Interesting Karina :) Never knew about all these lovely things. Thank you for sharing – Nice to read such very informative, i loved eating raw celery but i never knew that juicing celery is so beneficial. Thanks! Eat celery and be healthy and radiant!

  • Roona

    Very, Very Interesting :) Never knew about all these lovely things. Thank you for sharing – Nice to read such informative post, i loved eating raw celery but i never knew that juicing celery is so beneficial. Thanks! Eat celery and be healthy and radiant!

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