Evening primrose oil is one of the most miraculous discoveries to prevent many diseases and disorders. It contains Vitamin C and phenylalanine which are useful in relieving pain, headaches, aging problems, and signs of menopause, obesity, PMS, and many more. This oil is obtained from the seed of the evening primrose plant.  This is also used in foods as a dietary source of fatty acids. It is widely used in the manufacturing of soaps and cosmetics.

Let us look at the top 14 evening primrose oil uses:

Evening primrose oil Benefits

1. GLA Deficiency:

Evening primrose is a rich source of fatty acid and gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Alcoholics and diabetes patients generally have GLA deficiency that can cause rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and cardiovascular disease.

2. Heart Health:

Evening primrose oil is useful to maintain a healthy heart. Using this oil on a daily basis can lower cholesterol, blood pressure and protect the heart from coronary artery disease.

3. Menstrual Pain:

Evening primrose oil is the best natural remedy for distress during menstrual period. Using this oil can also reduce many symptoms of PMS.

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4. Diabetes:

Here, patients don’t produce enough GLA in their body.  Evening primrose oil can be used as an effective supplement to maintain the level of GLA in the body. This oil also prevents patients from being affected by diabetic neuropathy which has symptoms like tingling, numbness, pain, and problem in the legs and toes.

5. Skin Health:

Evening primrose oil is considered the best remedy to cure eczema and many other skin-related problems. GLA and fatty acid content in this oil is essential for skin health. The oil extracted from evening primrose seeds is very gentle and can be used as moisturizer to keep dry areas hydrated. It also boosts blood circulation which is helpful to treat tired skin and eyes. Apply it twice a day with a cotton ball for best results.

6. Anti-Inflammatory:

Evening primrose oil has anti-inflammatory properties and so, is used to soothe the symptoms of arthritis and chest discomfort.

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7. Hyperactivity:

Kids with hyperactive disorder can experience good results with the use of evening primrose oil.

8. Chronic Fatigue:

Evening primrose oil can be used with some good quality fish oil as a therapy to cure chronic fatigue syndrome.

9. Infertility:

It stimulates the blood flow which acts as a remedy to cure male impotence. It helps to circulate impaired penile blood flow. This can be consumed with ginkgo biloba and Vitamin C for best results. Continuous use of this oil can prevent the blood vessels from becoming narrow, which is usually the result of high cholesterol levels. It improves uterine function and thus can also be useful for individuals who are not able to conceive.

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10. Alcohol Withdrawal:

Our brain is prompted by GLA, which makes prostaglandin (prostaglandin E). This helps in managing alcohol withdrawal symptoms like seizures and depression. It indirectly protects the nervous system and liver.

11. Nourish nails, scalp, and hair:

This oil contains a good amount of essential fatty acids that prevent our nails from cracking and keeps them healthy. In addition, it also nourishes the scalp and treats many other hair problems.

12. Lose weight:

Evening primrose oil contains linoleic acid that helps to burn body fat. It also fights cancer.

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13. Asthma:

Take primrose oil tablets or capsules to reduce or treat asthma symptoms. Consume 6 to 8 grams of primrose oil twice every day.

14. Breast Pain:

This is a very popular treatment for breast tenderness or pain.  Evening primrose oil can be prepared in many different ways and should be consumed in the dosage of 120-160 mg twice daily. This gives instant relief, if taken for up to four months.

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