12 Amazing Benefits Of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

benefits of extra virgin coconut oil for hair

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When it comes to the health of heart, skin and hair, extra virgin coconut oil is admittedly the master of all saturated oils. Coconut oil has been the case under study for many years because of its paradoxical biochemical structure. Being made up of saturated fats, it was naturally presumed to be unhealthy for nearly forty years until scientists recently unearthed the wonderful truth about its benefits. This oil, which was apparently greasing up your body systems with bad cholesterol causing insalubrious results, has recently been discovered to be beneficial beyond limits.

Yes, we are talking about the ‘extra virgin coconut oil’ which is free of hydrogenation, refinement or deodorization. The coconut undergoes extraction of its oil through a process of drying or wetting. Nevertheless this will retain the flavor, taste, smell and freshness of the oil thereby giving an inevitable virgin quality to it. Read further to learn more about the benefits you shall receive in gargantuan proportions from this oil.

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Benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for your health:

1. Coconut oil consists of medium-chain-length fatty acids that are endowed with anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

2. It is an incredible oil to use if you are considering weight loss. This can majorly be owed to its biochemical structure because of which it gets metabolized easily in the liver and doesn’t get stored.

3. Being rich in lauric acid, this oil reduces heart risk, platelet stickiness and also helps keep good cholesterol in high amounts.

4. In order to keep a control of your Candida count in the body, extra virgin coconut oil is the right choice. This is because it is rich in caprylic acid which is bound to destroy this bacterium.

5. This wonderful oil will help in better secretion of insulin in your body. But that doesn’t count for the fact that you increase your coconut oil consumption to unhealthy levels to prevent diabetes. Remember, too much of anything is bad.

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6. It is a great oil to boost your immunity because of its richness in lauric acid.

7. Recent studies have thrown light into others areas where coconut oil excels. This includes its ability in improving cognitive activities of your brain and also in gastrointestinal absorption functions of the body.

8. As it contains zero trans fat, coconut oil helps in reducing heart risk to a great extent and helps improve digestion.

Extra virgin coconut oil benefits for your skin and hair:

9. Is there anything this miracle oil can’t do? It’s hard to tell. This oil has been used since centuries in Asian countries. It helps in skin cleansing and moisturizing. Unlike any normal moisturizing lotions that contain water, this natural moisturizer provides moisture to your skin.

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10. It removes dead cells and strengthens the tissues present underneath the skin.

11. Want to bring a shiny appearance for your hair? Look no more, extra virgin coconut oil does just that. It moisturizes your hair and cleans your scalp.

12. It is also known to be a great wound healer. People in Panama apply this on their infected areas or even drink a pint size amount of this oil to relieve them from infection and to induce fast recovery. All you have to do is apply it on the affected area of the skin.

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Coconut oil has umpteen numbers of benefits and research is still on full swing. Please make sure to buy the extra virgin coconut oil (cold pressed) and not the hydrogenated one, which has the reverse effects.

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