Centuries ago, before the advent of modern medicine and high-end medical equipment that treated people’s health problems, our ancestors relied on nature’s wonders to stay healthy. One of the most popular traditional medicines, garlic is still renowned across the world for its remarkable ability to fight numerous diseases and conditions. Besides being an ingredient that has extensive culinary usage, garlic’s rich antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties make it a natural healing agent as well. You can prepare garlic oil by crushing and soaking its cloves in vegetable oil or using steam distillation. Since it is 100% natural and organic, it is completely safe to use, but if you have had allergic reactions to garlic in the past, consult your doctor before using it. You can use garlic oil both orally and topically.

Read on to know about the benefits of this magical home-remedy.

Garlic Oil Benefits For Health:

Here are some amazing health benefits of garlic oil that make it a one-stop remedy for a multitude of problems:

1. It Fights Infections:

Fights Infections

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Allicin, an active compound contained in garlic, exhibits antimicrobial activities against many bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses such as Escherichia coli, Candida albicans and Giardia lamblia, as per a study by The Journal of Microbes and Infection (1).

2. It Provides Relief From Tooth Ache:

Relief From Tooth Ache

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The magical compound allicin not only helps reduce tooth pain and inflammation but also reduces bacterial activity and prevents tooth decay. Take a few drops of garlic oil on a cotton ball. Keep this ball on the affected tooth for10-30 minutes. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day for best results.

3. It Improves Cardiovascular Health:

Cardiovascular Health

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Did you know that garlic oil can also fight cardiovascular diseases? A study by the Bratislava Medical Journal suggests that garlic provides cardioprotective benefits as its organic polysulfides get converted into hydrogen sulfide by erythrocytes (2). This helps relax vascular smooth muscles and lowers blood pressure. Garlic oil also provides anti-inflammatory benefits.

4. It Lowers Bad Cholesterol:

Lowers Bad Cholesterol

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Garlic oil , when taken in combination with fish oil , has a great cholesterol-reducing effect, a study by the American Journal of Nutrition reports (3). The study suggests that fish oil, when combined with garlic oil, displays the ability to lower total cholesterol, LDL-C and triacylglycerol concentrations, as compared to just fish oil, which displays the ability to increase LDL-C.

5. It Prevents Cognitive Decline:

Prevents Cognitive Decline

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Another magical benefit of garlic oil is that it lowers the risk of cognitive decline caused by neurodegenerative diseases. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Nutrition, the antioxidant properties of garlic, in addition to fighting cardiovascular diseases, also reduce the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (4).

6. It Combats Cancer:

Combats Cancer

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Cancer is one of the most serious modern-day epidemics with an increasing number of cases being reported each day. Garlic oil contains compounds that can help fight cancer cells. As per an Anti-Cancer Agents in Medical Chemistry study, the diallyl disulfide compounds contained in garlic have the ability to suppress breast cancer cells (5). This compound enhances the effect of eicosapentaenoic acid, a breast cancer suppressor, and suppresses the effect of linoleic acid, a breast cancer enhancer.

7. It Treats Ear Infections:

Treats Ear Infections

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The best part about using garlic oil for treating ear infections is the two-fold benefit it provides. Not only does it fight the bacterial activity causing the ear infection but also relieves you of the pain caused by the infection, as suggested by The University of Maryland Medical Center. No wonder garlic oil is such a widely used ear infection remedy, given its antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Here is the recipe to prepare garlic oil at home to treat ear infections:


  1. A few drops of garlic oil
  2. Two tablespoons of olive, mustard or coconut oil


  1. Mix and warm both the oils over low heat.
  2. Store in a small glass bottle. You can refrigerate it for 4-5 days.
  3. Dab 2-3 drops of the oil on a cotton ball and put that ball inside the infected ear for relief.

8. It Boosts Immunity:

Boosts Immunity

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If you often complain of some or the other health trouble – it may be a bout of cold, fever or an infection – your immunity is suffering a huge blow! You must then reach out for garlic oil, a natural immunity booster, rich in many health-boosting nutrients like vitamins C, B1 and B6, allicin, iron, and phosphorous.

9. It Enhances Bone Health In Women:

Bone Health In Women

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Weakened bones are a common problem for women after they reach a certain age, especially for the ones who have undergone ovariectomy. A study conducted by Phytotherapy Research found that the supplementation of garlic oil helps a great deal in preventing ovariectomy-induced bone resorption (6).

10. It Improves Exercise Endurance:

Improves Exercise Endurance

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If you’re a heart patient, your doctor may have repeatedly emphasized the importance of exercising. Turns out, garlic oil can remarkably ease your exercise tolerance. A study published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology found that garlic oil supplementation helps reduce heart rate at peak exercise and thus enhances exercise tolerance in patients with coronary artery disease (7).

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