14 Best Benefits Of Green Cardamom For Skin, Hair And Health February 21, 2017

Green cardamom, scientifically called Ellettria Cardamomum, is a very popular spice featuring green shell and small brown seeds. It is known to be the ‘true cardamom’ with unique camphor-like aroma and excellent healing properties. The spice can be crushed and used in foods to enhance the flavour of the dishes. The essential oil prepared from this herb is also beneficial for our skin and hair. To know about how green cardamoms can improve our health, skin and hair, go through rest of the article.

Benefits of Green Cardamom for Health

1. First of all, green cardamom is highly anti carcinogenic. Several studies have established the fact that the spice is capable of killing cancerous cells, thereby preventing the spread of cancer. It basically boosts the amount of Glutathione S-Transferase (GSTs), the metabolic isozymes having strong antioxidant properties, in our body which restrains the reproduction of cancer cells in our colon. Thus, it is very effective in treating colon cancer.

2. Green cardamom seeds, powder and even oil can bolster our digestion and give us relief from flatulence. According to the German Commission E Monographs, it is one of the best natural remedies for dyspepsia. It can make the entire process of digestion smoother by increasing appetite, regulating the secretion of acids inside the stomach and alleviating frequent stomach cramps.

3. Green cardamoms are used for preparing digestive tonic. It is also considered as a natural remedy for abdominal gases.

4. The strong aroma of green cardamom is very helpful in curing bad breath or halitosis. It can also help us maintain our oral health by preventing oral infections, severe toothache and yellow teeth.

5. Green cardamom powder has a deep positive impact on our nervous system when consumed with honey. It can alleviate nervous weakness and boost our confidence level greatly.

6. A herbal infusion prepared by mixing green cardamom and cinnamon can do magic for sore throat. You need to gargle with it at least twice a day for getting the best result.

7. Being a warming spice, green cardamom can protect us during winter. It improves blood circulation and keeps our entire body warm.

8. The essential oil extracted from green cardamom can be put into a steamer and inhaled to get rid of cold, cough and respiratory congestion.

9. This unique spice has also been found to relieve us from headache, light headedness, dizziness, exhaustion and depression.

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Benefits of Green Cardamom for Skin

10. Green cardamom is one of the most powerful antioxidant herbs that work as detox and cleanse our body internally. As the toxins are eliminated from our system, our skin becomes healthy and glowing.

11. The antioxidative properties of green cardamom help us keep old age at bay. Regular consumption of green cardamom through food or use of cardamom essential oil is very effective in removing wrinkles, fine lines and age spots.

12. Green cardamom is also known to enhance our liver functions and keep our blood free from all types of impurities. As a result, we can stay away from skin infections and get a flawless skin.

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Benefits of Green Cardamom for Hair

13. I have already talked about the anti oxidative power of green cardamom. It is not only beneficial for our skin, but for our hair also. As it eliminates toxic materials from our internal system, our hair remains healthy and beautiful.

14. The spice also protects our hair from potential damages. It makes our hair strong from the roots and adds shine to it.

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So, just include the spice in your daily food and make the most of its beneficial properties.

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