Almost all health experts and dieticians agree to the fact that having proper amount of minerals and vitamins in one’s food is important for a healthy life. Although a lot of people choose to stay informed about the nutrients essential for their health, there are still countless minerals and vitamins that are often ignored or overlooked. One of such frequently disregarded nutrients is magnesium, and most people are shocked to know the countless health benefits of this nutrient, together with the negative effects of magnesium deficiency in your body. A basic ingredient to many of your body’s biological functions, the uses of magnesium are so many that it plays an important role to play in an individual’s overall well-being.

Magnesium is a special mineral that helps you in remaining fit, young and energetic.  Lack of magnesium in your body makes you feel weak and age more rapidly. The indications of magnesium scarcity in your body are pretty similar to the indications of old age. The most common signals are increased blood pressure, uneven pulse rate, blocked arteries, heart problems, and insulin resistance. Some other indications are osteoporosis and predisposition to diabetes.This alone proves the importance of magnesium for the human body to run well.

Benefits Of Magnesium

Magnesium – Health Benefits

1. Normal body functioning:

It helps the body in maintaining normal nerve and muscle function, along with steady cardiac beats. Besides, it also keeps your bones strong and boosts your body’s immunity power. What’s more, magnesium strengthens the body with protein fusion, and aids one in maintaining normal blood pressure. Researchers have also proved that magnesium helps in prevention and management of diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases like strokes and heart attacks. This is by far the most important use of magnesium.

2. Prevents osteoporosis:

Since it helps your body in absorbing calcium, your teeth and bones become stronger. Roughly, fifty percent of your body’s magnesium is situated in your bones. Proper amount of It’s consumption helps in avoiding osteoporosis, particularly in women who are prone to this disease. According to researchers, magnesium deficit often adds to one’s chances of developing menopausal osteoporosis.

3. Averts heart diseases:

With proper level of magnesium in your body, you can easily avoid the common heart diseases like artery blockage and heart attacks. According to clinical research reports, adequate magnesium consumption lowers the risk of having a heart attack. What’s more, magnesium deficit places an individual at higher risks of uneven heart rhythms and pulse rates.

4. Regulates diabetes and high blood pressure:

For those suffering from abnormally high blood pressure and diabetes, magnesium intake proves to be very beneficial. Good sources of magnesium like green leafy vegetables and lentils have proved to be highly advantageous in keeping your blood pressure at a normal level. Studies have also proved that people suffering from magnesium deficit are at greater risks of welcoming diabetes and other related diseases like retinopathy. Being an important factor in carbohydrate metabolism, magnesium has a direct influence on the release of insulin and its function in the body. This has a direct effect on blood sugar levels in your body.

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Magnesium – Skin Benefits

5. Anti allergic:

Magnesium has the capacity to detoxify the epidermis and cleanse the skin. It is all the more effective in treating or relieving those areas of the skin that are prone to allergic reactions.

6. Anti wrinkle:

As you start aging, you notice fine lines around your eyes and on forehead. Magnesium is very effective in reducing these wrinkles and fine lines.

7. Pimples:

Just similar to the effect of magnesium on your allergic skin, magnesium helps combat break outs or acnes on your skin.

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Magnesium – Hair Benefits

8. Several researches and investigations have shown that deficit of magnesium in your body will affect your hair growth and prompt hair loss in an abnormal manner. The reason behind this is that hair follicles need this supplement so as to create strong hair follicles and hair strands which will stay intact for a long time.

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  • Cheerytoes

    I started slamming magnesium for its muscle relaxing properties when I threw my back out last week. I’ve lost 8 pounds in 8 days. I can’t say for sure it’s the reason, but when you add my blood sugar is down 50 or more points in the morning WITHOUT my metformin….welll….I hope you can’t overdose.

  • Marlene

    I wanted to know if magnesium can cause you to grow facial hair. I went on magnesium and red rice yeast at the same time and seem to be growing facial hair. Please help.