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Benefits Of Pine Nuts (Chilgoze) For Skin And Hair

Benefits Of Pine Nuts (Chilgoze) For Skin And Hair October 24, 2017

Pine nuts are edible seeds which have been consumed as a snack since the time that our grandparents can remember! These seeds are commonly used in preparing pesto sauce. And now you know what makes the pesto sauce so healthy. They are a powerhouse of essential vitamins, minerals, fats and other elements needed for a healthy body.

A handful of pine nuts daily keeps your heart healthy, reduces blood cholesterol levels and helps you with the task of shedding extra pounds. They also offer countless beauty benefits for your skin and hair. Here we are discussing the beauty benefits of pine nuts.

Read further to know more about its beauty benefits, storage and some helpful tips about the right selection of these nuts along with some interesting ideas on how to enjoy them.

Benefits of Pine Nuts for Skin

1. Delayed Skin Ageing & Moisturizing Effects:

High concentration of various essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants make pine nuts amazingly helpful for skincare. Vitamin E and antioxidants work to hold back the aging process, whereas vitamin F soothes and nourishes the skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, the pine nut oil is very suitable for sensitive skin types. It nourishes the skin and prevents it from various common conditions. Moreover, it also has great moisturizing effects on the skin.

2. Offers Revitalized and Fresh Skin:

Pine nut oil is well known for massage therapy because of its healing property. It helps to reduce a number of skin issues like itching, psoriasis, pimples, eczema, scabies and sores. These nuts give the skin a revitalized and fresh look.

3. Relieves Dehydrated Skin:

A body scrub created with raw pine nuts and coconut oil revives the skin by sloughing off dead skin cells. Moreover, due to its excellent hydrating and moisturizing properties, it is a recognized remedy for relieving dehydrated skin.

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Benefits of Pine Nuts for Hair

Pine nuts host various hair friendly constituents and thus, play an important role in preventing various hair conditions and boosting its overall health.

4. Boost Hair Growth:

Pine nuts are a rich source of vitamin E, a vitamin known for boosting hair growth. Moreover, it also keeps the scalp in good condition.

5. Combats Hair Loss:

People suffering from hair loss or hair thinning have found pine nut oil extremely helpful in combating the condition.

6. Keeps Hair Healthy & Lustrous:

These edible nuts contain high concentration of proteins. The protein content in the nuts prevents the hair against damage and keeps them strong, healthy and lustrous.

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Pine Nuts: How to Select and Store?


  • While buying pine nuts from the market, always rummage for the bright-brown ones having compact and uniform size. Try dropping the nuts from above a little height. If they produce a good metallic sound, their quality is assured.
  • The pine nuts you buy should be heavy and free of cracks.
  • Never choose the pine nuts if they smell rancid.

Shelled and processed kernels are also available in the market in airtight plastic bags. While paying for these, always try to buy them from an authentic source so as to ensure optimum freshness.

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Pine nuts tend turn rancid quickly if not stored properly. Therefore, it should be stored wisely.

As mentioned earlier, pine nuts are available in the market in both shelled and unshelled form. Unshelled nuts have relatively longer shelf life than the shelled one. They can be stored for almost three to four months. The shelled nuts are not a good candidate for long term storage. They get damaged easily, especially if stored in a hot, humid place. So, it is best to store them in a cool and dry place.

Pine Nuts: Tips for Usage

Pine nuts can be used for culinary purposes in more than one ways. Find ideas to incorporate these healthy and tasteful nuts in your regular recipes:

  • Crunchy Addition: These can be a crunchy addition to chocolate, cookies, biscuits, granolas, slices and cakes. Moreover, they can be added to whole meal breads, home-baked pizzas and several desserts like sundaes and ice-cream-based recipes.
  • Dressings on Bars & Smoothies: You can also use roasted nuts as salad dressing or add into protein bars and fruit smoothies.
  • Nutritious Coating on Various Tasty Dishes: Incorporate pine nuts in meat, fish and various vegetable dishes. They provide a scrumptious and highly nutritious coating for chicken, fish and tofu which can be baked, deep-fried or pan-fried.

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Hope you have enjoyed reading the article on the various benefits of eating pine nuts! So, get pine nuts from your nearby grocery store today itself and do incorporate in your routine diet. After its tasty and it keeps you pretty! Don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

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