As the name suggests, pumpkin juice is a juice extracted from raw pumpkins. This juice gained immense popularity among the children when it was shown as part of the wizard world in the Harry Potter series. Pumpkin juice has several health benefits due to which it can be used as a healthy substitute for carbonated drinks. Moreover, pumpkin has a high content of vitamin D as well as minerals like copper, iron and phosphorus. Juicing is a suitable way to obtain these nutritional benefits of pumpkin. This juice is highly regarded by vegetarians because of its delicious taste and versatility of use. Besides consumption, it is also used as an active ingredient in many sweets and pharmaceutical preparations.

How to make Pumpkin Juice?

Pumpkin juice is an extremely versatile juice that is used in several recipes apart from being consumed in its raw form. The method of making pumpkin juice is quite simple. Before proceeding to make pumpkin juice, ensure that the pumpkin is sweet which is suitable for eating or making pies. These pumpkins are relatively smaller in size. The pumpkin should also have consistent colour.

  • Wash the outside of the pumpkin properly and peel the hard outer skin of the pumpkin.
  • Deseed the pumpkin and cut it into small chunks.
  • Place the pumpkin in the juicer and extract the juice.
  • Sweeten the juice by adding desired quantity of sugar. Alternatively, you can use honey or apple juice in case of obesity.
  • You can enhance the flavor of the juice by adding spices like ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon or ginger or even lemon juice. But these should be added in moderation so that they do not interfere with the natural taste of the drink.
  • Pumpkin juice can be served over ice to enhance its cooling and refreshing effect.
Pumpkin Juice Benefits
Here are the benefits of pumpkin juice for you health, skin and hair.

Pumpkin Juice for Health:

The benefits of pumpkin juice are numerous. Just like the vegetable itself, pumpkin juice contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E and beta carotene; minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron, sucrose and organic matter. It also contains carbohydrates and certain vital salts and proteins. Half a cup of pumpkin juice is recommended every day, thanks to its various medicinal and therapeutic properties. Some of its health benefits are given below.

1. Benefits Liver & Kidney:

Pumpkin juice is very beneficial for liver and kidney. Those suffering from kidney stones and gall bladder problems can improve their condition by drinking half a glass of pumpkin juice three times a day for ten days.

2. Prevents Arteriosclerosis:

This orange colored juice is a great cleanser that helps to get rid of the old build-up of arterial deposits, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke. The high content of anti-oxidants helps in preventing arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries).

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3. Aids Digestion & Cures Constipation:

Pumpkin juice is beneficial for the digestive system and is helpful in curing both constipation and loose motions due to its laxative action.

4. Aids Proper Functioning of Kidney & Urinary System:

This juice is effective in curing ulcers and acidity. It enables proper functioning of kidney and urinary system.

5. Good Sedative Benefits:

Due to its sedative properties, pumpkin juice is effective in curing insomnia. Insomnia patients are advised to drink a glass of pumpkin juice with honey.

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