5 Amazing Benefits Of Salt Water Gargle May 8, 2017

Ever had a sore throat? It’s definitely not a good feeling, is it? Sore throats are painful and irritating. And sometimes even the medications don’t work. So what can be done? Salt water gargle can be one of the best ways to get rid of painful sore throats. The antibacterial properties of saline water do the magic and relieve you from the pain.

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What Is Soreness In Throat?

Salt Water Gargle

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Soreness in the throat is a bacterial infection that is caused due to a bacterium known as streptococcus. This bacteria acts on the throat and ruptures the soft tissues or mucosa. The fluid enters the inflammation causing pain. The throat starts to become dry and itchy. If not treated at the right time, this may lead to serious complications within the throat.

What Is Salt Water Gargle?

Warm salt water gargle is an easy and time tested natural remedy to treat sore throat. It works on the simple chemical process of osmosis. In this process, the liquid moves from the concentrated form to the diluted form.

When we gargle with a warm salt solution, it tends to draw out the inflammatory fluids by the process of osmosis. Salt water is more concentrated than the inflammatory fluid caused due to bacteria. The cell membrane of the inflammatory tissue serves as a permeable membrane. This causes the salt to fetch water from the inflamed cells that are responsible for the pain. The bacteria thus lose body fluid and eventually die and relieve the person from sore throat and pain.

How To Make Salt Water Gargle?

Here is the salt water gargle recipe. First of all, prepare a salt water solution by adding a pinch of salt to a cup of warm water. Stand near the wash basin and take a sip of the solution. Now, gradually move your head towards the ceiling with the solution inside your mouth. Now try to produce a moaning sound; you will notice that the salt water will begin to start bubbling in your throat.

Do it for at least 20 seconds first. You may increase the time if you can manage it. Once you are done with it, spit out the water. Remember not to swallow the water. Repeat this process until you finish the entire cup.

Once you have finished the entire solution, rinse your mouth with plain water. Drink some warm water. This will give a lot of relief to your inflamed throat. To speed up the healing process you need to repeat this at least four to five times a day.

Benefits Of Salt Water Gargle For Sore Throat:

Check out here the amazing salt water gargle benefits:

1. Neutralizes And Cleanses:

Gargling with salt water not only neutralizes the acid, but also cleanses the unwanted mucus from the throat.

2. Stimulates Circulation:

It increases the blood flow to the throat and dilates blood capillaries that speedup the action on the bacteria that cause inflammation.

3. Natural pH:

A salt water gargle maintains the natural pH balance which has been disturbed by the bacterial infection.

4. Nasal Congestion:

When sore throat occurs due to allergic conditions or sinus infection, salt water gargling also helps in clearing nasal congestion by acting on the nasal cavity.

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5. Dental Plaque:

Gargle also aids in removing plaque in teeth, mouth sores and other minor gum related diseases. The saline water acts on the bacteria and helps to clear the germs out.

Gargling with salt water is an easy way to get rid of sore throat. However, if you experience difficulty and regular gargling is not helping, then you must consider visiting a doctor for a thorough check up. There may be some other factors that are causing sore throat.

Have you ever tried gargling with salt water? What was your experience? Do share in the comments section below!

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