Top 12 Benefits Of Sandalwood (Chandan) Oil For Skin, Hair And Health June 21, 2016

What is sandalwood essential oil? What are the benefits of using it in aromatherapy? Get the scoop on this essential oil.

Sandalwood is a special type of aromatic wood that is obtained from the tree Santalum album. Widely known for its aroma and amazing medicinal properties, sandalwood oil is also very calming and harmonizing and has always been used for meditation and rituals.

Sandalwood oil, also known as (Chandan Tel) in Hindi is effective with vast benefits and uses. To know top 10 benefits of sandalwood oil, read rest of the article.

Sandalwood Oil Benefits for Skin:

1. Get Bright, Clean and Flawless Skin:

Sandalwood has long been known for its skin-friendly cleansing properties. First of all, it serves the purpose of a cicatrisant and soothes your skin to a great extent. If you have ugly scars, blemishes, spots or eczema on your skin, then this oil can help you get rid of those quickly and reduce the chances of developing them again. It is also an effective astringent that tones your skin and rejuvenates it perfectly. People with dry skin can bring their skin back to life with the help of this essential oil (1).

2. Cures Skin Infections and Itching:

Preventing skin infections is a common function of the sandalwood oil. If you apply this oil on regular course, you could easily sidetrack several types of skin infections (2). The best part about the oil is that you could use the same throughout the year. Its non-sticky ingredients make it useful on summer days as well. You can try sandalwood oil on itchy skin as well. Though it does not mend the skin trouble apparently, you could easily enjoy a momentary calmness. Sandalwood oil effectively reduces skin itching and provides you with a soothing effect (3). The solution is also widely used for curing eczema successfully.

3. Prevents Skin Aging:

It is difficult to prevent skin-ageing most of the times. With age, our skin starts getting old too. The effect of increasing age becomes prominent on skin. You may try some of the cosmetic products available at stores, but they can hardly be effective for long. Besides, most of the anti-ageing skin products are expensive and unaffordable. Sandalwood oil is an inexpensive product you can try for a long-lasting result (4).

If you start using the oil just when you notice the first signs of skin ageing, you may benefit double. Even the affected skin gets younger in touch of sandalwood oil. Regular use of sandalwood reduces lines and scars on your skin. It is also effective to lighten the scars of stretch marks.

Sandalwood Oil Benefit for Health:

4. Get Rid of Inflammation:

Sandalwood essential oil is anti-inflammatory by nature. It has a soothing effect, which helps in getting relief from severe internal inflammations. This oil is of great use in curing the soreness of nervous system (including brain), circulatory system, digestive system and excretory system. If any of these biological systems gets infected due to fever, antibiotic medicines, insect attacks, toxic materials, or injuries, this oil can reduce the inflammation considerably by making the region cool. (5)

5. Prevents Spasms:

Sandalwood oil is known to be highly antispasmodic. It is because of the sedative as well as muscle relaxant properties of the oil. It works on your muscle fibers, nerve fibers and blood vessels and makes them relaxed, which eventually puts a stop to severe spasms. The essential oil is also beneficial in treating coughs, throbbing, cramps, etc. caused by acute muscle contractions (6).

6. Keeps Bugs and Germs at Bay:

It has been proved that sandalwood essential oil has great disinfectant property (7). The distinct aroma of this oil can drive away pests as well as other microbes. Hence, it is used as one of the major ingredients of insect repellents, pesticides and the liquid used in evaporators for disinfecting vast areas. Mixing a few drops of this essential oil with body oil, body lotion or simple bathing water can keep your skin free from infections.

7. Use as an Antiseptic Agent:

Being antimicrobial, sandalwood oil is also used as an effective antiseptic agent (8). It is used topically for preventing injuries, lesions, boils, blemishes, etc. from getting infected or gangrenous. Apart from the external applications, this essential oil can also be used internally. Add a few drops of the oil to a glass of warm milk and drink it. Regular consumption of this mixture provides protection from ulcer as well as infections developed in throat, gullet, digestive tracts and renal tracts.

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8. Facilitates the Process of Urination:

Sandalwood oil is extremely helpful in promoting urination. As you already know, this essential oil can curb down the soreness of your excretory system and induce a nice cooling effect on it. Consequently, the passage of urine becomes easier, the amount of urine is increased and the frequency of urination gets boosted considerably. In short, the oil works as a diuretic and keeps one’s renal system healthy (9).

9. Keeps Blood Pressure under Control:

If you are suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure, sandalwood oil can benefit you a lot. It is loaded with hypotensive components and hence, can regulate your blood pressure efficiently when consumed with liquids like water or milk. So, take this oil internally and reduce the risks of hypertension (10).

10. Say ‘No’ to Body Odor:

The beautiful aroma of sandalwood has made this essential oil an indispensable part of perfumery (11). It is combined with skin care products, hair care products and deodorants in order to eradicate the stinking smell of the body. Moreover, it keeps us fresh and cool for long.

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11. Great Health Tonic for Kids:

Not all essential oils are safe for children. But when it comes to sandalwood oil, you can give it to your kids without any second thought. It is already mentioned that this oil has excellent soothing effect on your internal organ systems. As a result, it can help them work in synchronization and keeps the entire system of your growing kid healthy.

12. Drives Away Stress and Anxiety:

Being sedative in nature, sandalwood oil has a calming effect on your nervous system. It eliminates all types of tension, fretfulness, fear, agitation, etc. by relaxing your nerves. So, we experience better vision, improved focus and positive notions (12).

Preparation of Healing Oil:

It is often seen that sandalwood oil works best when combined with some other essential oils. The goodness of sandalwood enhances more when comes in touch with some other wonders of nature. Benefit of the sandalwood oil will surely augment if you add flowers like lavender, rosemary, ylang-ylang, rose, myrrh, geranium, and tulip, with sandalwood. Mixing these flowers with sandalwood oil would give the product a mind-blowing aroma while increasing the curative value of the oil.

Have you used Sandalwood essential oil? If so, what do you use it for and how has it served you? And, if you’ve tried any of the above, let me know what your experience has been!

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  • Stacey J. Ashbrook

    Beneficial tips. Essential oil of sandalwood soothes the skin and helps scars and spots to heal much faster. It is a very old practice to use paste of sandalwood as a skin pack. The same effect can be obtained from using this essential oil. This oil is now extensively used in skin care soaps, lotions and creams.