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14 Best Benefits Of Sea Salt (Samundri Namak) For Skin, Hair And Health

14 Best Benefits Of Sea Salt (Samundri Namak) For Skin, Hair And Health September 19, 2017

Before we tell you the advantages, first tell us you what is Sea salt. Sea salt, also known as ‘Samundri Namak’ in Hindi and ‘Kalluppu’ in Telugu is the natural salt that is produced directly from the sea water. When the salty water of ocean is evaporated, the sea salt is formed. The biggest difference between sea salt and its processed counterpart is that it is not altered artificially, while the latter needs to go through multiple processing methods. Therefore, the sea salt holds quite a lot of crucial nutrients that can do wonder for us. It offers numerous benefits for the health, skin and hair.

Benefits of Sea Salt for Health:

Sea salt is a much healthier alternative to regular iodized salt. If you are not sure about its health benefits, go through the following section:

1. It is a natural salt that does not undergo any sort of processing. The mineral content of the substance remains intact as no heat is applied or no damaging artificial element is added to it. Hence, it has alkalizing effect that helps in balancing the acid levels in your body and eliminating potential risks of fatal diseases.

2. Sea salt can strengthen your immune system to a great extent. As your immunity gets boosted, your body becomes more resistant to various autoimmune disorders like flu, fever, cold, allergies etc.

3. It also has significant effects on your cardiovascular system. Scientists have proved that regular intake of sea salt diffused in water can lower the levels of bad cholesterol in the body considerably. Unlike regular salt, it can be used for keeping blood pressure under check and normalizing irregular heartbeat. In a nutshell, sea salt can help you avert a number of life-threatening diseases like strokes, heart block, heart attack etc. by maintaining the cardiovascular health.

4. Metabolic disorders like diabetes mellitus can also be treated by sea salt. If you are suffering from diabetes or vulnerable to it, this salt can help you reduce the levels of sugar in your bloodstream successfully.

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5. When it comes to healing bone disorders, sea salt plays an important role. More than 20% of the entire sodium content of your body is accumulated in your bones, which get damaged during the lack of the mineral in the bloodstream as well as the body fluid. Therefore, severe medical conditions like osteoporosis can be cured by including this wonderful natural remedy in daily diet.

6. Sea salt is also beneficial for your respiratory system. It can decelerate the secretion of phlegm or mucous during asthma and reduce the inflammation a lot. As a result, it becomes much easier for you to breathe.

7. Being a good source of potassium, this natural salt can also be used as an anti-spasmodic agent. Potassium facilitates the functioning of your muscle fibers. In addition to it, the salt allows your body to take in the mineral from various other sources. Thus, the muscular tissues remain sound and healthy and you can stay away from acute muscle spasms, cramps and pain.

8. If you are dying to shed off those extra pounds, opt for sea salt. It smoothens your digestive system by aiding the production of digestive juices. Moreover, itputs off any buildup that can get in the way of your digestive tract. All these lead to a healthy internal system, which is eventually helpful in keeping up a standard body weight.

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Benefits of Sea Salt for Skin:

No matter whether your skin is dry or oily, you can always keep it bright and beautiful with sea salt. Here are some skin benefits of the compound that will be helpful for you:

9. As it can push all toxins out of your body, the skin becomes soft and healthy. It has been seen that regular sea salt baths can enhance the skin tone to a large extent. The magnesium present in the salt can prevent the retention of fluid from your skin keeping it supple, firm and youthful.

10. Sea salt is full of vital vitamins and minerals, which are required for providing proper nourishment to the skin cells. These nutrients can improve the cellular energy metabolism, keep the tissues hydrated, boost blood circulation throughout the skin surface and increase the strength of cell membranes.

11. The calcium content of sea salt can help in cleaning up clogged skin pores. If you have an acne-prone skin, go for the sea salt pore cleanser. It keeps your skin clean and clear by reducing the chances of skin infections.

12. You can also use sea salt as a natural exfoliator. The texture of this salt helps remove the upper layer of dead skin cells and reveal a fresh one underneath that.

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Benefits of Sea Salt for Hair:

Apart from health and skin, sea salt can be used for your hair too. Though it is mainly used as a styling aid, you can also get benefitted by it to some extent. Read on below:

13. It is a great natural remedy for people with oily hair. It can absorb excess oil from your tresses and make them smooth and gorgeous.

14. With so many minerals present in it, you can easily get that desired volume and bounce in your hair with sea salt. Moreover, it can provide enough nutrients to your hair follicles and make them much softer.

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Ground sea salt is excellent for fighting against dandruff. It works directly on your scalp and helps you get rid of dryness so that you can always flaunt your long and lustrous hair.

So start using sea salt today and see the difference tomorrow! Don’t forget to leave us a comment.

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