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8 Amazing Benefits Of Soybean Oil

8 Amazing Benefits Of Soybean Oil October 4, 2017

Soybean oil is a kind of vegetable oil, which, as the name suggests, is extracted from soybean seeds. Today, it is one of the most widely used cooking oils in the world over. While earlier it was thought to be unhealthy, health practitioners all over the world are now recommending it, as it is extremely rich in omega fatty acids. Soybean is also known by the scientific name “Glycine max”. It is processed as fat free oil and made into many products such as soy milk, tofu, soy sauce, beans and granules that people consume for its many benefits. Following are the various health benefits of soybean oil discussed for you to know.

Top Soybean Oil Benefits for Health:

1. Good Cooking Medium: It is one of the healthiest oils that can be used for cooking. Soybean oil is rich in poly-unsaturated fats, omega-6 proteins and amino acid Linoleic acid. It is low in saturated fats and is voted as a great cooking medium by several doctors.
2. Inhibits Cholesterol Absorption: Soybean oil has sitosterol. This reduces the risk of contracting several health diseases. Consumption of soybean oil also helps avoid and inhibit the cholesterol absorption by the human body.
3. Delays Aging & Prevents Skin Problems: Soybean oil is rich in Vitamin E that is a lipid and an antioxidant. It helps keep the cell membrane intact. This ensures that the cell membrane and skin act as barrier to harmful radicals, thus delaying aging and preventing skin problems.
4. Bone Health: Soybean oil is rich in Vitamin K, which helps in bone strengthening and bone formation. 5. Treats Alzheimer’s Disease: Vitamin K present in soybean oil helps prevent damage to the brain cells. Studies have proven that consumption of soybean oil in moderation can keep diseases like Alzheimer’s at bay.
6. Prevents Cancer: Soybean is said to help prevent cancer. It reduces the absorption of oxygen free radicals in the human body.
7. Treats Heart Related Conditions: Soybean has Omega-3 fatty acids. These play a vital role in reducing the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases and arrhythmia.
8. Reduces Triglyceride Levels: Soybean oil and soybean food intake helps reduce the triglyceride levels in the body.

Buying and Storage Tips:

Soybean oil is used in cooking, mostly for frying or baking, and as a condiment in salads. It is easily available in most countries. While buying, make sure the oil is certified as organic. Since it is rich in poly unsaturated fat, it undergoes oxidation on the exposure to light, moisture and air. Hence it is advisable to buy the oil as fresh as you can get. At home, store it at room temperature in a dark and cool place. You may transfer small quantities into a decanter for daily use..

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Nutritional Value and Constituents:

Soybean oil is rich in energy as it has 884 kilo calories per 100 grams. It has 30.16 grams carbohydrates, 36.64 grams protein, and dietary fiber of about 10 grams but a fat content of just 20 grams. It is rich in proteins like Threonine, leucine, Cystine, Tryptophan, Isoleucine, aspartic acid, and Glutamic acid. The oil is rich in Vitamin A, K, C and E. it also contains minerals such as calcium, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, and iron. All these are needed for the healthy functioning of the human body. It is safe to say that consumption of soybean oil in moderation has more health benefits than many other cooking oils.

Nutritional Chart:

NutrientUnitsValue per 100 grams1.00 X 1 cup
Total lipid (fat)g21.6237.19
Carbohydrate, by differenceg32.7256.28
Fiber, total dietaryg8.113.9
Calcium, Camg140241
Iron, Femg3.956.79
Magnesium, Mgmg228392
Phosphorus, Pmg6491116
Potassium, Kmg13642346
Sodium, Namg23
Zinc, Znmg4.778.2
Copper, Cumg1.0791.856
Manganese, Mnmg2.1843.756
Selenium, Semcg19.333.2
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acidmg4.67.9
Pantothenic acidmg0.4730.814
Vitamin B-6mg0.2250.387
Folate, totalmcg205353
Folic acidmcg00
Folate, foodmcg205353
Folate, DFEmcg_DFE205353
Vitamin B-12mcg00
Vitamin A, RAEmcg_RAE00
Vitamin A, IUIU00
Vitamin D (D2 + D3)mcg00
Vitamin DIU00
Vitamin K (phylloquinone)mcg3763.6
Fatty acids, total saturatedg3.1275.378
Fatty acids, total monounsaturatedg4.7768.215

Culinary Use:

Soybean oil is widely used across several households as a healthy cooking medium. It can be used for shallow frying to deep frying, commercial cooking and home cooking as it does not get deeply absorbed in the food. It has a pale yellow color that is imparted by the bean from which it is extracted. Lactose intolerant people prefer consuming soy milk. They also substitute milk products with soy products that are easily available in the market. Very few people have been known to be allergic to soy. If you are using it for the first time, keep an eye out for any allergic reaction that you may potentially face.

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If you are a fitness freak and are looking at packing more health in your food, switching to soybean oil would be a good choice. Thus, enjoy the wonderful health benefits of soybean oil.


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