“We have far more control over our health and the condition of our bodies than we ever thought possible.”

― Mike Rabe, The Fat Loss Guidebook: Proven Ways to Rebuild & Regenerate Your Body

The nutritional guru has nailed the concept behind a healthy body. We can choose to consume healthy foods which have a host of health benefits for the body. A welcome addition to our diet, sprouts offer multitude health benefits including being protein rich.

What are Sprouts?

Sprouts, also known as ‘Ankurwali Daal‘ in Hindi are germinated seeds of legumes or grains. They are considered a wonder-food because of their high nutritional value. Sprouts ensure blood purification and strengthen the immune system to protect against several diseases. In Naturopathy, sprouts are referred to as a medicine Let’s look at the benefits of including sprouts in our daily diet

Nutritional Value of Sprouts:

The seeds have the highest nutritional value when they are seedlings. The sprouts contain a greater concentration of nutrients like Vitamin E, potassium, iron, phytochemicals, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, chemoprotectants and protein. They also contain other nutrients like folic acid, zinc, niacin, riboflavin, copper and magnesium which are very good for hair.

Types of Sprouts:

There are numerous varieties of sprouts available, which include seeds of alfalfa, soybean, gram, peas, wheat, moong and fenugreek. Black beans, kidney beans, split peas, garbanzo beans and pinto beans can also be used as sprouted seeds.

  1. Moong bean: Moong bean is the easiest bean to sprout. It has a distinct flavor and adds taste to the other foods.
  2. Fenugreek: Fenugreek sprouts have a spicy and slightly bitter taste. These sprouts are known for their curative properties.
  3. Gram: Gram sprouts are well known for enhancing vigour and vitality.
  4. Brussels sprouts: Brussels sprouts are the best sprouts for improving the health of hair.

Sprouts are wonder food due to its high nutritional value. Natural sprouts are good for a healthy body and mind development. It ensures blood purification and strengthens the immune system. Sprouts health benefits include the following:

Hair Benefits Of Sprouts:

Healthy inside make us beautiful outside! The right food for hair growth is one of the most amazing hair growth tips ever.Here are some of the best known and effective benefits of sprouts for hair.

1. Hair Growth:

Sprouts contain a decent amount of vitamin C, which is proven to promote healthy hair growth. It destroys the free radicals in the body which makes the hair weak, brittle and thin. It also prevents a variety of hair disorders like alopecia, hirsutism and even male pattern.

2. Boosts Blood Supply:

Sprouts improve blood circulation and strengthens and repairs capillaries to get strong and thick hair. It helps to generate new blood vessels and increases circulation to the scalp and follicles. A healthy blood supply is a good stimulant for hair growth.

3. Rich in Vitamin A:

The high amounts of vitamin A in sprouts stimulate hair follicles and encourage the scalp to produce more hair. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to dry scalp, roots and strands, leading to hair loss. Thus, proper levels of vitamin A are essential to encourage healthy hair growth.

4. Rich Source of Antioxidants:

Premature greying of hair is caused due to the oxidation of tissues. The potent antioxidants present in the sprouts prevent the corrosion of tissues, reducing the possibility of premature hair greying.

5. Vitamin K Storehouse:

Sprouts contain Vitamin K, a fat soluble vitamin which builds protein in the scalp to maintain strong roots and strands.

6. Rich in Iron:

Sprouts contain ample amounts of iron, which are required to carry oxygen to the scalp, roots and tresses. Hair that is starved from proper levels of iron may weaken and fall out

7. Rich in Zinc:

Sprouts contain zinc, a nutrient which contributes to sebum production in the scalp. This keeps the scalp, roots and hair strands hydrated. It also promotes regeneration of the scalp cells.

8. Anti Dandruff:

Selenium in sprouts helps to kill Malassezia, a fungus which sheds dry fragments from the scalp. It wards off dandruff and removes the debris to encourage new hair growth. It also helps to alleviate itchy scalp because of its antifungal properties.

9. Omega Acid for Healthy Hair:

Regular consumption of sprouts adds shine, elasticity and lustre to the hair. It contains omega 3 fatty acids which are vital for the nourishment of hair follicles. It combats dry and brittle hair, flaky scale and reverses hair loss. Sprouts also prevent the hair from appearing dull and lifeless.


  • Snigdha

    A very well researched article mentioning all the benefits of sprouts. I recently started including them in my diet & I find myself to be healthy & active. And these recipes are very interesting. Should try them!