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10 Best Anti Grey Hair Oil Available In India

10 Best Anti Grey Hair Oil Available In India September 22, 2017

Does that gray hair strand send shivers through your body? Are you worried that you are looking older than you actually are? Premature graying of hair is a common problem, and what is even more common is our lack of understanding of what oils work best in treating it.

If you are looking for those magic oils which can stop and even cure gray hair, then this is a must-read post for you! Go ahead with your read!

Anti Grey Hair Oils – Top 10:

1. Khadi Amla Brahmi Hair Oil:

This hair oil has all the essential ingredients that help to stop hair from graying further. Rich with the goodness of Brahmi, Amla and Almond oil, the hair oil is perfect for controlling gray hair. It also has Vite oil that is good for the hair as well. It is priced at Rs. 125 for 210 ml.

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2. Dhathri Hair Herbal Oil:

This oil is very effective to stop the graying of hair. The main natural ingredient, Amla, helps to boost the color of hair by providing natural conditioning. It is totally natural and has no side effects on the hair. It can be applied on a daily basis. It is priced at Rs.225 for a bottle.

3. Aswini Arnica Hair Oil:

Enriched in arnica and herbal plant cinchona, this hair oil helps to prevent gray hair. Though the results can vary from person to person, the oil is still effective to stop the spread of gray hair. The natural ingredient of arnica is good for all the hair textures. It is priced at Rs 105 for 100 ml.

4. Omved Keshin Hair Oil:

This natural and herbal hair oil suits every hair type. Its natural ingredients nourish the hair and make it soft. It prevents premature graying of hair, thus making the hair look beautiful. The hair oil is also effective in treating dandruff and hair thinning. It is priced at Rs. 590 for 125 ml.

5. Young Ever Bhringaraj Oil:

As the name suggests, the oil helps to prevent excessive graying of the hair in the long run. The oil has natural herbal properties which prevent premature graying of hair and also make your hair soft. It comes in a plastic bottle which is easy to use. It is priced at Rs.500 for 100 ml.

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6. Kesh King Hair Oil:

Kesh king hair oil is the best ayurvedic oil for grey hair. This product is great  for slowing down the graying of hair! Regular application of this oil on the scalp will prevent graying and dandruff. The ayurvedic properties of the hair oil make your hair soft and truly manageable. It also prevents hair fall. It is priced at Rs. 260 for 200 ml.

7. Jiva Amla Hair Oil:

Enriched with natural Amla, this hair oil is great for stopping your hair from turning gray. With regular use, you can get the desired results. Amla helps to naturally condition and nourish the roots of the hair, thereby preventing the risk of premature graying of the hair. It is priced at Rs. 85 for 60 ml.

8. Pitambari Hair Oil:

The hair oil is enriched with natural herbs and various ayurvedic properties. A daily massage with the oil helps to promote good hair health. The hair oil is effective to prevent premature graying of hair, thereby providing good scalp nourishment. It is priced at Rs.105.

9. Himalaya Hair Oil:

Himalaya hair oil is effective for its herbal treatment for the scalp and hair. The hair oil contains the goodness of natural flower extracts that help to retain the color of hair. It is also effective in preventing premature graying of hair. The hair oil is effective for any hair type. It is priced at Rs 100 for 200 ml.

10. L’Oreal Six Oil Nourish Hair Oil:

The hair oil is rich in the six essential oils including almond and jojoba oil. It prevents the graying of hair and makes the hair soft. It is also effective for treating excessive dandruff problems and hair thinning. It is priced at Rs.199.

Start using any of these anti grey hair oils today for a younger tomorrow! Do you know any other effective hair oil for grey hair? Share with us by commenting in the box below!

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