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India’s Top 10 Best Baby Products Brands 2018

India’s Top 10 Best Baby Products Brands 2018 January 5, 2018

Are you a mother who just delivered a bundle of joy? Or are you a would-be Mother waiting for your little one to cuddle in your arms? Have you thought to change your wardrobe and introduce products that cater to your little ones’ requirements? If yes, then I have the latest information that updates you with the baby products in the list of favourites and non-favourites.

It is important to have good quality products that will help your kid have a healthy childhood. A little bit of research will help you in knowing more about the baby products.

The Best Baby Product Brands In India

Here I provide you the list of top baby care products available in India.

1. Johnson & Johnson:

Yes, we used it in our infancy, so it is natural for us to follow the same for our babies. This brand has recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons. This one does not fall in my favourite list, even though it’s one of the well-known baby product manufacturers in India because of the ingredients found in its wide range of products.

2. Mother Care:

The range of products in Mother Care is known to be comprised of natural extracts and is hypoallergenic. The products are dermatologically tested. Baby products are not just their sole forte; they also have a wide range of accessories, furniture’s and fixtures, and clothing that are available online as well as at their chain of stores. This is a definitely on my list of best baby products!

3. Pigeon:

Yet another preferred baby product in India, this brand is mostly into baby products and accessories. While the baby products are not in my favorite list, the accessories sure are.

4. Mee Mee:

This brand like Mother Care has a wide range of products that include maternity wear, infant wear, accessories, toys and loads of baby products. I prefer this one.

5. Omved:

They have a limited collection of products for kids ranging from tees, shampoos, body washes, soaps, massage oils and ubtans. This is an organic and natural brand perfect for kids. The only hitch is that the products are on the expensive side, but I would never compromise on my kid’s skin, so I ignore the price.

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6. Rustic Art:

Another organic and natural brand, but it has only three products for kids. They comprise of laundry wash, soap and massage oils in two variants. The laundry wash is absolutely organic and the water in which you wash clothes can be used to water plants. So, you are leaving a scope to better the planet!

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7. Himalaya:

Himalaya’s baby care products are known to be made of pure Ayurvedic formulations that contain pure herbal actives. Effective, soothing and mild, these products keep your baby’s skin nourished.

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8. Chicco – Pure Bio:

This is a relatively new certified organic range from Chicco which is something I am looking forward to try. The labels say that 99% of the ingredients are from natural origins and 10% are from organic farming.

9. Sebamed:

I’ve never used this baby product brands in India and all I know is that it has made its foray into the Indian market recently. They have a soap, body wash, shampoo and lotions in their range of baby products. The labels are read as soap free, but I am not sure if it means SLS free.

10. Farlin:

This brand is very popular for baby accessories. Their offer a wide range of baby products like safety accessories, wet wipes, diapers, feeding bottles and more. They just have it all! I would definitely recommend them for the good quality of accessories they offer.

As a mom, do you recommend a brand that I can add to this list? Feel free to share your feedback on this!

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