Best Biotique Products Available In India – Our Top 10 April 28, 2015

Biotique is one of the most well known brands in India specializing in Ayurvedic and Natural products. Biotique offers a range of skin and hair care products which are rich in natural extracts of plants, seeds or flowers.

Today let me take you through the best Biotique products that have worked wonders for me. This is a very informative post so read on to know more about the amazing products.

1. Biotique Bio-Bhringraj Fresh Hair Growth Therapeutic Oil:

As we all know Bhringraj is a very good natural ingredient that promotes hair growth and makes hair roots stronger. It also imparts a natural black colour to the hair. But we hardly get time to use packs and pastes of Bhringraj. Here comes Biotique therapeutic Bhringraj oil to the rescue. This oil is rich in extracts of Bhringraj leaves. You can give this oil a try if you are suffering from hair thinning problems.

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2. Biotique Bio Flame of The Forest Fresh Shine Hair Oil:

This is great oil from the house of Biotique. You can give your hair healthy shine with the use of this oil. This is fortified with the extracts of hibiscus which is known to promote hair growth as well as give it a lustrous shine.

3. Biotique Bio Wheat Germ Firming Face & Body Cream:

If you are in your 30’s and need a cream that will keep your pores tight and cannot go for two or three products at the same time, then this can be just the product for you. This is enriched with wheat germ extracts and will help firm your skin up. But make sure to regularly use this as follow up is necessary.

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4. Biotique Bio Neem Honey Cream Rejuvenating Hand & Body Wash:

When it comes to scented hand washes, there are various brands available in the market but most of them do not give you soft and beautiful palms. If you are looking for an herbal hand wash then this is the right choice for you.

5. Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Skin Cream:

Coconut oil is known for its various benefits and uses. This is one of the brightening skin creams that this range offers. You can give this one a try and use it as your daily moisturising lotion.

6. Biotique Bio Costus Stress Relief Foot Massage Cream:

When it comes to total beauty, how can we forget our legs? If you are a working woman, then you can surely understand what I am talking about. A tired foot needs a nice relaxing massage atleast once in a week. This is a foot massage cream for your tired feet. Try this one out and give your feet some much needed pampering.

7. Biotique Bio Almond Soothing Nourishing Under Eye Cream:

We often suffer from under eye problems. If you have tried out most other brands for a suitable under eye cream, then try this one out too. May be this can prove to be the best one for you yet. This is enriched with almond oil extracts and we all know how effective almond oil is in curing under eye dark circle problems.

8. Biotique Walnut Bark Fine And Thinning Hair Shampoo:

Walnut is rich in essential oil. This is a special shampoo from the house of Boutique which is enriched with walnut bark extracts. If you have thin and limp hair, then this shampoo can help your hair grow. If you are under some kind of trichological medication, then this shampoo can give you very good results. This is a must try for all people who don’t have much time to devote to hair or are noticing hair thinning and hair fall. This is one of the most sought after products of Boutique shampoo range.

9. Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face & Body Cream SPF50 UVA UVB Sunscreen:

When talking of total beauty, we can never forget the use of sunscreens. This is a nice sunscreen from the house of Biotique with sandalwood extracts. Sandalwood has amazing UVA and UVB ray blocking power.

10. Biotique Bio Margosa Anti-Dandruff Expertise Hair Shampoo:

This is a shampoo targeted to those who are suffering from dandruff or have itchy scalp conditions. You will have no side effects from this Ayurveda formulation if it suits your scalp’s skin. Regular usage is recommended and this will also help you get rid of flaky scalp conditions. Use it with Biotique’s Margosa Conditioner for best results.

Hope you enjoyed reading our compilation of top Biotique products. Which is your favourite product from Biotique range?

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