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Best Caramel Shade Hair Colours Available In India – Our Top 10 Picks

Best Caramel Shade Hair Colours Available In India – Our Top 10 Picks March 8, 2018

Earlier it was difficult to color the grays or change your hair color as the options available were limited and the outcome unsatisfactory. But, that was in the past as now you have a variety of choices to select from and the results are truly outstanding. The hair colors and shades available today are varied, from true red to violet and several shades in browns, blondes and pinks.

The Indian market today has many brands marketing hair colors and each brand has various shades to choose from. If you are looking for caramel shades in hair color, listed below are a few brands with shades close to caramel to make your work easy and quick.

Best Caramel Hair Colors

Let us have a glimpse at the best brands offering caramel hair color shades.

1. L’Oreal Excellence Crème – Gold Caramel Shade No. 4.3:

L’Oreal is a well-known brand for its extensive range of hair products from shampoos to a varied range of hair colors suited for all hair types. This caramel hair colour from L’Oreal gives you a very rich and natural look, and is long lasting.

2. Garnier Nutrisse – Shade #535 Medium Golden Mahogany Brown (Chocolate Caramel):

Though not very pricey, what makes Garnier a good choice for a caramel shade is that it improves the hair texture even when the color washes away. It is made of natural ingredients that do not harm your hair in any way.

3. Revlon Colorsilk Luminista – Shade No. 165 Light Caramel Brown:

Revlon Colorsilk is appropriate for those with dark hair which is usually difficult to color. This product gives the desired result and adds shine to colored hair.

4. Streax Hair Color – Shade No.5.4 Copper Light Brown:

Streax is easy to use and the walnut oil content in it gives a nice sheen to your newly colored hair. The Copper Light Brown shade gives a soothing caramel color to the hair which looks very trendy.

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5. Wella Kolestint – Shade 5/0 Medium Brown:

Wella is a well-known brand for its amazing hair color range. These hair colors also last longer when compared to other brands. The Medium Brown shade is very close to the dark caramel shade. An advantage of this caramel hair color product is that it can be mixed with other shades from Wella to obtain a lighter tone.

6. Matrix Wonder Brown:

The Wonder Brown shade from Matrix is the darkest of caramel shades amongst all. This shade lasts long and the product quality is just amazing. It is also easy to apply and maintain. For those who have grey hair, this is the right choice.

7. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color – Shade 6G Dark Golden Blonde:

Naturtint has 28 different shades to choose from and can be mixed with each other for a novelty in shades. Dark Golden Blonde has an amazing outcome for those looking for shades in caramel. Though a little pricey, these colors are permanent in nature.

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8. Adore Semi-Permanent Hair Color – #104 Sienna Brown:

Adore imparts a shiny brown color to the hair. The packaging is very handy and easy to use. The main factor that makes Adore even more attractive is that it is not very pricey and because of its semi-permanent nature, one does not have to apply it time and again.

9. Shahnaz Husain Colorveda Natural Hair Color:

Widely popular in India, the hair color range from Shahnaz Husain uses the maximum number of natural ingredients. It is very easy to apply and can be reused frequently as the natural ingredients do not cause damage to the hair unlike other chemical-based hair colors.

10. Godrej Expert Crème Hair Color – Natural Brown:

This hair color from the house of Godrej is the cheapest hair color available in the market. This is one of the newest products and has become very popular because of the quality of its outcome. It is easy to apply and very pocket-friendly.

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Hair colors are available in various shades and types. It is important to know the colors that suit your skin tone the best and then experiment with new shades. Moreover, it is necessary to undergo a patch test and also be sure of the shade in case you are using semi-permanent or permanent hair colors.

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