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6 Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

6 Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss November 3, 2017

Tired of being called “chubby”? Hate seeing your stomach protruding every time you stand in front of the mirror? Cardio is the solution to your problem! It is one of the most important things you could do in order to lose weight, improve heart health and derive several other amazing health benefits. The best thing about cardio exercises is that you get a whole lot of variety in this. There is nothing called the right or the wrong cardio. If it fits your fitness levels and is something you absolutely enjoy, then give it a shot. The following six workouts are great for cardio! They promise weight loss results sooner than imagined. Read on!

Best Cardio Exercises To Lose Weight:

1. Basketball:

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Basketball is a great cardio workout that helps you shed the pounds within a short span of time. It builds your skill, stamina and makes you a stronger and fitter person. So, when you are at the court, make sure you wear yourself out. You can add plyometric exercises such as box jumps, jumping rope and lunge jumps to add more power to your workout! When you increase your stamina, you will automatically see a huge difference in your body during pickup games (1).

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2. Swimming:

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Are you a water baby? Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise for you. It burns 500 calories in an hour and helps you burn body fat and shape up quickly. However, be careful of swimming during the daytime. You might get severely tanned. Keep swimming for the evening, and you will be able to reap the benefits. Swimming also takes care of a large number of physical and health related problems. It improves mobility of your joints and also increases your aerobic fitness levels (2).

3. Dance:

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Love to shake your body? We have got good news for you! Dancing is a wonderful way to lose weight. It is a great cardio exercise to lose weight and benefits your body in several ways. A few dance forms you could definitely try are ballroom dancing, Zumba, hip hop, belly dancing and of course, Masala Bhangra. According to USDA’s physical activity guidelines, dance happens to be a moderate activity. In fact, it also says that at least 30 minutes of vigorous or moderate dancing is a must for everyone (3).

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4. Jump Rope:

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If you don’t have enough time to hit the gym or go for dance and swimming classes, try using a jump rope at home. You can burn up to 110 calories within just ten minutes. If you add more intensity to your workout, you could burn double! Jump ropes help you use both your muscles and joints and can often be way more effective than running (4).

5. High-Intensity Tabata Training:

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Tabata is great cardio exercise for weight loss. It burns 15 calories per minute and boosts your chances of losing weight (5). Tabata also helps in building lean muscles. It increases your endurance capacity and boosts physical strength. More than weight loss, Tabata is more about fat loss. That should sound encouraging to most ladies who are trying to banish belly fat.

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6. Climbing Stairs:

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Did you know climbing stairs is a very smart and effective way to lose body fat? If you thought exercise is spending long hours at the gym, you must think twice. Climbing or running up the stairs for ten minutes a day will burn a whole lot of calories. However, do remember that this isn’t your ultimate workout. You should try other exercises separately. Climbing stairs is just a part of it. It helps you breathe better, boosts confidence, relieves stress and tension and improves your cardiovascular health (6). Tips To Workout Better:

  1. Workout with a friend. When you workout with someone you know, exercising automatically gets better. That way you will also stay motivated and energetic throughout the week.
  2. Work that butt! Since you are doing cardio, make sure you work your buttocks. Do some squats and bridge exercises in order to keep your butt toned, firm and beautifully shaped.
  3. Eat something an hour before the workout. Fruits and crackers are a smart option. Eat only those things that will boost strength and help you workout better. Also drink some milk after working out. You will see some good results.
  4. Give yourself a break. The key is to prevent you from over working! Take a break for a few minutes if you feel too stressed out. That would surely help you get back into the game.
  5. Wear good sneakers while working out! Also get nice workout clothes. They should fit you well and help you feel comfortable while exercising.

Did you like reading the post? Have you tried any of these best cardio exercises to lose weight at home? Do share your experiences and ideas in the comment box below. We are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

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