5 Best Elle 18 Eye Sparkler Shades June 25, 2015

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder!

You probably must be taking this as poetic outburst. It is not. Eye makeup is on the rise. Girls, on most occasions these days, focus more on eye makeup. It is the ‘in’ thing. And to support this ‘in’ trend of eye makeup, there are thousands and thousands of options available to choose from.

We are spoilt by choices. The more options we have, the more confused we get. So to make life simpler, we decided to help you select one such brand that offers you good quality eye makeup cosmetics. Along with affordability.

One such successful brand is Elle 18. Elle 18 has specifically targeted the younger age-group, when it comes to their cosmetics. The wide range of their cosmetics consists of lipsticks, lip glosses, eye liners and nail polishes. Elle 18 Eye sparkler shades are eye pencils which come in a wide variety of shades and are very affordable.

These pencils are very smooth in application and they glide on very easily. The pencils give a great tinge to eyes. Since these pencils are easy to glide on, you can use them as a cream eye shadow pencil too.

You must definitely try all the colours in the range and I am sure your will love them like I do. I am almost fixated with a few shades. They are a part of my must-haves.

Best Elle 18 Eye Sparkler Shades

1. Elle 18 Eye Sparkler Pencil – Gunpowder:

If you love black plus if you love metallic, this is the best combination for you. This particular eye pencil sparkler in black shade comes with a little metallic tinge to it. Most black liner pencils do not come with a metallic tinge. So go ahead and give this one a try.

2. Elle 18 Eye Sparkler –Silver Spark:

This Silver Spark eye pencil is an amazing one. I personally love it because apart from using it as a liner, I can use it in other ways too. It can be used as an eye shadow and also as a highlighter. It’s cheap and very affordable. A must-have for all the beauties out there.

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3. Elle 18 Eye Sparklers -Blue Blast:

A blue liner pencil is a must have in today’s time. Coloured eye liners do not just make your eyes look beautiful, but also go a long way in matching up your attire and makeup. So if you are looking for a nice pocket friendly shimmery blue colour, then you must have this one.

4. Elle 18 Eye Sparklers – Green Grenade:

Green grenade for all the green shade lovers. What I like the most about this eye pencil colour is that it helps grab attention to your eyes, almost immediately. It makes your eye stand out instantly and also make it appear larger! So without thinking much about it, go and invest in one.

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5. Elle 18 eye sparklers – Purple Pataka:

Whether you ise it as an eye shadow or eye pencil, you will only fall in love with this shade. It can funk up your eye makeup with no hassle at all. Again, purple can be a great choice of colour for yes. Especially when it comes to funky parties. I personally recommend this colour to be used as an eye shadow because it highlights the crease part beautifully. As a liner though, this may look a little too light for Indian eyes. However, if you have light eyes, then go try this one as a liner.

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These pencils do smudge easily. So if you are looking for a totally smudge-free coloured liner pencil, then this range might not be for you. Then again, let’s not forget that there is no liner pencil which actually doesn’t smudge at all.

Which is your favourite Elle 18 Eye Sparkler Shade? Have you tried any of these before? Let us know in the comments below.