Best Elle 18 Lipgloss Shades And Swatches

Elle 18 lip gloss shades offers a wide range of cosmetics which are very popular because of their easy availability and affordability. The range consists of Lipsticks, Lip glosses, Eyeliners and Nail polishes.

Hope you liked my previous post on Elle 18 Eye sparklers. In this post, I want to cover their newly launched range of Elle18 Lip sparkles. These contain cocoa butter and give a smooth glossy finish to your lips. Some of these have sparkling and shimmery effects too. These are very affordable and can be carried around in a purse too. These come in a small tube which is very cute looking.

Best Elle 18 Lip Gloss:

Best Elle 18 lip gloss shades come in 6 different flavours and I am covering my top 5 shades here:

1. Elle 18 Lip Smoothie – Shade Vanilla Heat:

elle 18 lip smoothieThis is a light shimmery lip gloss and it is pretty smooth in application. If on a summer day, you just don’t want to put on any lipstick, then a combination of a lip liner and this lip gloss will be sufficient to make your lips look awesome. Its light and wont make your lips look over done.

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2. Elle 18 Lip Smoothie -Shade Melon Flame:

elle 18 lip smoothiesThis almost nude lip colour gives your normal lips a tint of pink and makes them look really rosy. You can try this one out if you are looking for a lip gloss without much tint in it. It doesn’t give shimmer finish.

3. Elle 18 Lip Smoothies – Shade Burnt Choco:

elle 18 Shade BurntThis is a nice shade of chocolate. It doesn’t have any shimmery finish but will give your lips a chocolaty tint. You should definitely try this one out.

4. Elle 18 Lip Smoothies – Shade Strawberry Blast:

Shade Strawberry BlastThis is an awesome lip gloss. The colour is sweet pinkish and it has light shimmery finish. It can look gorgeous on your lips on a summer day. You can also try out this lovely shade over your pink lipsticks or even red lipsticks.

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5. Elle 18 Lip Smoothies – Shade Peach Afterglow:

peachy pink colourThis is a sweet peachy pink colour to light up your dull mood.

Hope you loved our Elle 18 Lip smoothie compilation. These are very affordable and smooth lip glosses. You should definitely try them for sure. Not just that, they are very mobile and you can quickly do some touch ups with the tube when you are at a party. You won’t even require a mirror for applying these cute little lip glosses.

Let us know which is your favourite shade of Elle 18 Lip Smoothies in the comments below.

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