Best Floral Mehndi Designs – Our Top 10 February 20, 2017

Mehndi is a ceremonial art form which originated in ancient India. Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of God. And when we combine both these creations, we get Floral mehndi designs for hands which are definitely the most beautiful of all Mehndi designs.

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Floral Mehndi Designs for Hands

Let us have a glimpse at these 10 wonderful Floral mehndi designs got wedding.

1. Floral and paisley designs are very common in mehndi art. These two are essentially the foundation of mehndi art. This is a simple yet beautiful floral and paisley design for the feet. The flower in the center of the feet and the paisley design seems quite interesting. The small dots used to fill in the design also look great.

2. This is yet another fabulous feet mehndi design. The design on the side of the feet makes it unique than the other regular designs. The floral patterns and flower bud designs make this a wonderful floral mehndi design.

3. This mehndi design is woven with paisley and floral patterns. This simple design is a stunner and spreads from the mid hand to back of the palm. Matching patterns on the fingers makes the design superb.

4. This beautiful floral mehndi design is not symmetrical on both hands so you can try any one of the designs. In this design, more importance is given to the index finger. The large floral motif on the back of the palm grabs attention. The flowers are filled using shading technique. Along with flowers, the design also uses leaf motifs.

5. This mehndi design can be easily done on any occasion. The asymmetrical design on both hands and the flower pattern filled with small and intricate weave and spiral patterns makes it more attractive. The paisley motifs as well as the floral design on the fingers are quite unique.

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6. This is among the most beautiful mehndi designs of all that starts from the mid hand till the fingers. The paisley and the floral patterns on the fingers make the mehndi design quite unique. The paisley and floral design is used in a spiral lace pattern.

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7. This design is simply superb. Large flower patterns are used to create this mehndi design for both hands. The spiral designs on the fingers as well as the flower designs that extend till the mid hand make it a stunning way to sport floral mehndi designs. No shading is used in this design. Only thick mehndi lines are used to complete the design.

8. In this sweet and simple mehndi design, very fine henna lines are used instead of thick lines to add more detailing to the design. This unique design forms the heart pattern when both the hands are joined. The blue and pink glitter addition in the floral motifs in the middle and the other parts make it more pretty.

9. This is a unique mehndi design accompanied with floral motifs. The large shaded flowers are done on the back of the palm and the paisley designs cover the fingers. The pretty design on the fingers makes it a great choice for any occasion. The design is asymmetrical so you can try both or just stick to one design.

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10. Who said only hand henna designs can have sparkles and glitter in them? Try something new from the old designs which are monotonic in colour and lack variety. This floral mehndi design for the feet looks lovely with simple floral motifs and blue and golden glitter. This fantastic design is suitable for a wedding.

So we hope you loved these flower mehndi designs. Please leave us your valuable feedback.

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  • Meghana

    Beautiful designs best for indian weddings, i definitely try them and recommend them to my friends too … Thanks for sharing shabby :)

    • Shabby

      You are most welcome Meghana :)

  • seerin

    Like all design all Try one of this design :) thanks for share..

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      Thanks a lot Seerin :)

  • Thanmayee

    Excellent designs they are so beautiful …. Nice collection shabby thanks for sharing them :)

    • Shabby

      Welcome Thanmayee

  • Amrutha

    They are so beautiful perfect for wedding, beautiful collection shabby ….. Nice share … I will definitely try them :)

    • Shabby

      Thanks Amrutha :)

  • Eshwari

    Wonderful they are so cute i like them all i can’t pic one of them they all are so good thanks for sharing :)

  • nithya

    excellent designs

  • Princeqtr

    very nice beautiful i will try.Thanks for sharing:)


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  • Kalyani

    Lovely floral mehendi designs. I especially loved the 9th and 10th design. Would love to adorn these two designs. Very pretty and intricate patterns. Would love to read more such interesting posts. Please share more articles :D

  • Pratiksha

    Amazing compilation of floral mehendi designs! I would love to try the 5th floral mehendi pattern. A very unique and beautiful design with intricate patterns. Hey Shabby, you really share the most amazing articles on mehendi. Have read couple of them and I think you should share more such brilliant write-ups. Would love to read more articles on mehendi :)

  • Tess Brown Viswanathan

    Thank you for sharing these designs – it is nice to see artists’ work appreciated. I am one of the artists you featured today. Please respect my, and everyone’s, work by not modifying of cropping the pictures – they are watermarked so that we can be appropriately recognized. Thanks again!