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Best Foot Creams Available In India – Our Top 10 Choices

Best Foot Creams Available In India – Our Top 10 Choices September 20, 2017

We demand a lot from our feet – they form an essential part of everything we do daily, so a little love to our feet can go a long way. Daily foot care routine can ensure we have happy feet. It is essential that we maintain and look after our feet because if neglected, chronic problems may arise.

Top 10 best Foot Creams In India

Let’s review a few of the best foot care cream in India which will help you look after your feet:

1. Tvam Foot Massage Cream – Sea Buckthorn:

Quantity and Price: 631 INR/-


  • Repairs dry, cracked heels.
  • Soothes, moisturizes and protects skin.


  • It’s too expensive for a daily use product.

2. Fabindia Herbal Heel Balm:

Quantity and Price: 25 gms for 150 INR/-                                 


  • Herbal Heel Balm is an ayurvedic formula that softens and repairs cracked, damaged feet. 


  • No cons whatsoever. 

This is the best foot cream in India for everyday use.

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3. Just Herbs Pedi Soft Calendula-Peppermint Crack Cure Foot Cream:

Quantity and Price: 50 gms for 295 INR/-


  • A specially formulated cream to soothe and heal your feet.
  • The cream heals the cracks, softens the skin and reconditions the rough and chapped skin.


  • No cons.

This foot crack cream is perfect to keep chapped skin sooth. The only con about this product is a bit high price.

4.RevAyur Crack Healing Cream:

Quantity and Price: 200 gms for 295 INR/-


  • The cream causes regeneration of skin cells and renews skin texture.
  • It heals, tones and moisturizes the skin.


The cream moisturizes normal skin but very dry skin may not be sufficiently moisturized.

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5. RevAyur Foot Cream:

Quantity and Price: 75 gms for 99 INR/- 


  • Keeps your feet deodorized and hydrated.
  •  Helps relieve dry, chapped heels.
  • Gentle enough for daily use.
  • Keeps feet bacteria free. 


  • No cons. 

The cream lives upto all the claims it states.

6. Biotique Costus Foot Massage Cream – Bio Costus

Quantity and Price: 50 gms for 180 INR/-


  • This nourishing massage cream moisturizes and soothes sore, tired feet.
  • Smoothes away dryness and revitalizes even hard, weather-roughened heels.


  • The cream moisturizes dry feet but doesn’t work on sored feet.

7. Sally Hansen Healing Foot Creme:

Quantity and Price: 113 gms for 775 INR/-


  • Helps protect against blisters and calluses.


  • This cream has no cons.

It is perfect to maintain healthy feet.

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8. Vedic Line Foot Spa Cream with Menthol:

Quantity and Price: 65ml for 150 INR/-


  • This foot cream helps to heal cracks and damaged feet.


  • No cons. Perfect product.

It also heals cracked feet.

9. Khadi Herbal Foot Crack Cream – Jasmine & Green Tea:

Quantity and Price: 50 gms  for 100 INR/-


  • Heals cracks and provides fast relief from aching heels.
  • Helps in soothing, softening, moisturizing, conditioning and protecting skin.


It doesn’t provide relief from aching feet.

10.Himalaya Foot Care Cream

Quantity and Price: 50 gms for 95 INR/-


  • This cream eliminates cracked heels and softens rough feet.
  • It is a daily use natural formulation that heals and softens excessively dry and rough feet, preventing cracks and helping protect feet from microbial infections.


  • No cons.

This is one of the best products that is cheap and also lives upto everything it claims.

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