Best Gujarati Mehndi Designs – Our Top 10 February 20, 2017

Gujarat is known for its elaborate and extravagant mehndi designs and they look perfect for any occasion. Bridal Gujarati mehndi designs have always been loved by everyone as they are intricate, very elaborate and make the Bride’s hand stand out. The designs are extravagant and detail rich and suit any occasion!

The Best Gujarati Mehndi Designs

With so many designs available you might get confused, so we got some handpicked gujarati mehndi designs for hands that you can try.

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1. This beautiful mehndi design is quite unique with floral and peacock designs and the wrist bangle design makes it even more beautiful. The designs are not cluttered and are quite unique than the usual design we are used to seeing.

2. This design is a perfect for the bride. The mehndi design features intricate patterns and detailed designs. The designs are closely done which appear a bit cluttered. There are shades, weave patterns, peacock feather patterns as well as floral patterns.

3. This simple and clutter free design of Gujarati mehndi is perfect for brides who want simple and elegant designs. This Gujarati mehndi design features black mehndi used to draw floral and circular designs. The fingers have been filled up with unique spiral designs and there are shadings also done in the mehndi design.

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4. This Gujarati design has simple motifs and doesn’t appear cluttered. The design includes a bangle like design on the wrist too. The black mehndi used makes it more prominent and fun. The tips are closed with traditional style mehndi filling.

5. This beautiful design for the top of the hands looks quite interesting because of the small details in it. Fingers are decorated with small detailed motifs and patterns. The main design on the middle is extended toward the wrist. The details in the design are the main focus here. We love the unique design.

6. This beautiful feet mehndi design looks great with the intricate details used in the design. The chequered pattern, the floral designs as well as the small detailed parts in the design all make it a great choice for everyone.

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7. This beautiful Rangoli design will suit the bride perfectly. The peacock designs and the floral motifs make this ideal for the bride. The peacock feather inspired designs on the fingers are quite unique too. This is a detail rich design.

8. This is a symmetric design. A generous amount of skin is kept colourless with occasional flower patterns and leave patterns. The design on the fingers too is quite unique.

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9. This design is a great way to sport the bangle style mehndi or bracelet mehndi. The leave patterns on the fingers as well as the peacock inspired design on the hand all make this design apt for the bride. There are flower patterns as well as shading and other patterns here.

10. This beautiful red mehendi design for hand is a very traditional design. It has very less small details, the design here is not symmetrical and the tips are closed with mehndi traditionally. The floral pattern and the leaves patterns are also very traditional and this is a simple way to sport the Gujarati designs.

So we hope you have enjoyed browsing through these designs. Do tell us which one you like most or you want to try next. Do keep a lookout because we will be giving you many more of such lovely collections.

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Images: Google, Pinterest

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    Thank you for this lovely post on best gujarati mehndi designs..I have been very fond of gujarati tradition since childhood and i love the way they use different natural pattens to showcase their tradition…in this post my personal favourite designs are 1 and 6 i wil surely try them out…