18 Best Hair Care Tips and Tricks To Include In Your Weekly Beauty Regimen

A good hair day can make you feel confident and super attractive. Strong and shiny hair is the envy of peers. This makes hair care is one of the mandatory aspects of our beauty regime.

Lack of proper care ensures that most of us suffer from hair fall, dry/oily hair or unhealthy looking hair. Let’s look at a few basic hair care steps which seem elementary but can affect the health of your hair.

Basic Care: Hair Tips

Here are few basic tips for hair care in general.

1. Shampooing

2. Breaking And Hair Loss

3. Rinse

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4. Hair Dryers And Other Tools

5. Brush Your Hair

6. Styling

7. Care

8. Night Care

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9. Diet

10. Hair Treatments

11. Oil Your Hair Regularly

12. Coloring

13. Hair And Static

14. Hair Cutting And Trimming

15. Hair Care For Kids

16. Over The Counter Help

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17. For Oily Hair

I know how it feels to have an oily scalp/hair (Mine is an oily scalp). Treating this kind of hair is the easiest because this type of hair is less damaged (naturally at least).

18. For Dry Hair

Hair is considered dry when it lacks the average moisture level. If hair is unhealthy and it is dry, then it is prone to more damage quickly.

These are some of the best hair care tips! Happy hair means happier and more confident you.

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