10 Best Hair Colors For Blue Eyed Woman March 26, 2015

When it come to style and fashion, there is never enough. There are always new trends to try on, and new brands to experiment with. Hair coloring is one of the top trends when it comes to experimenting, right? Coloring hair with so many options out there is such an exciting task in itself. While it’s a fun job, we should keep in mind that all colors and styles do not suit everybody. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ concept. What hair color suits you depends on the shape of your face, your skin tone and your eye color.

Hair Color For Blue Eyes:

Girls with blue eyes can carry off a variety of colors. Deep colors like brown to pale ones like blonde suit them well. So think reds, browns and blonde too.

But before we go ahead, we should also keep in mind that skin tone too plays a part when it comes to selecting the right hair color.

Hair Color For Women With Blue Eyes And Warm Skin Tones:

Warm skin tones have the ability to carry off a range of colors – honey brown, chestnut, mahogany, golden brown, copper, burgundy, etc., will look fantastic on warm skin tones. Since warmer skin tones make the blue of the eye pop, the colors mentioned above work rather well.

  1. To add more glamour, you can add highlights. Highlights not only make you look younger, but also add an edge to your prominent features. Red highlights go well with brown hair coloring. You can also try golden highlights.
  2. If you are dusky with warm skin tone and blue eyes, then certain colors like dark brown might wash you out. Shades of bronze, red and copper will make you look fabulous in this case. The same applies for highlights.

Hair Color For Women With Blue Eyes And Cool Skin Tones:

Colors like ash, light auburn and platinum blond are made for you. Colors that are whitish, and belong to the light brown shade will look fantastic on you.

  1. If there is one color that all you ladies can carry off, it’s plum. You can try plum with burgundy highlights. This combination takes years away from the face and give you a glowing complexion.
  2. Coffee and chestnut will also look great on you when combined with the right hair cut and style.
  3. Honey blond is yet another fabulous option. If you are in the mood for more, be sure to check out champagne blond too.
  4. Black too, is a lovely option for women with cooler skin tones. Basically, colors that belong to cooler color zones will look good on you; and the rest will make you look tired.
  5. Colors belonging to copper and bronze family should be avoided by women with cooler skin tones as these colors will make you look tired and dull. So try and avoid colors that make you older than you are.
  6. If you have dark skin tone, then you might want to try purple highlights and also play around with red, copper, and even purple highlights.
  7. If you lean towards fairer skin tones, then almost all color highlights will look great on you – coppery red to chestnut.
  8. If you are in the olive skin tone category, you might want to check with your stylist about highlights as they might not suit you.

While these are some basic guidelines for hair coloring, make sure that you talk to your stylist before you embark on extreme makeovers. Work with your stylist and create a whole new persona. Let your blue eyes do the talking and allow your hair get a life of their own!

What is your favourite way to color your hair? How often do you change your style? Let us know, shoot a comment.

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