Best Hair Colour Brands Available In India – Our Top 10 July 27, 2016

Indians generally have black or dark brown hair which sometimes feels so monotonous and boring. We have a notion that only the natural black or dark browns look good on our skin tone and it is best for us to stick to it. But the latest burst in the sales of hair colours says that we Indians are more than ready shake the roots up a little! The burgundy, plum and even the more daring blue, greens and reds are gaining popularity among the crowds! So if you are ready to jazz up your look bit a with colours, here are the best hair colour brands for women in India.

Hair Colour Brands In India

1. Revlon:

Revlon is a very strong name in the Indian beauty industry. With it’s venture into the hair color market, it has become a favorite among many. They have a wide range of colours on offer and the prices are affordable. This is definitely among the best hair colour brands available in India.

2. Garnier:

Garnier has a wide range of colours to choose from – burgundy, brown to reds and more. They are affordable and easily available in your local stores.

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3. Streax:

Streax is another very popular option for hair colours in the indian market. They have long lasting colours and effective treatments that complement the hair colour. They are affordable but availability is an issue.

4. Wella Kolestint:

Kolestint is a newly launched brand in india and has some good quality products to offer. The kolestint color creame hair colors are available in different shades and provide the coloring effect of a salon at the privacy of your home. These colors are easy to use and are ammonia free.

5. Loreal:

L’oreal’s casting crème or excellance crème range is very popular and hugely promoted. They provide excellent quality hair color. Though the price is a higher as compared to Garnier or Streax, the quality attracts many which is why these colours are very popular.

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6. Matrix:

Matrix hair color presents salon quality hair colors for different coloring needs. They have a large variety of products for different types of greys and highlights so do consult a professional for the perfect color for you.

7. Color Mate:

Color mate uses indian herbs like henna, amla, shikakai and color gels to make their hair color. They provide natural looks and color to the hair.

8. Dr Jain’s:

This is an herbal powder mixture for grey hair and is available in brown and dark shades. These are herbal mixtures so they will not harm hair or the scalp. They are priced at Rs.120 for 100gm.

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9. Shahnaz Husain:

Shahnaz husain’s herbal products are well known to all and the Hair touch touch up is a great product for people with grey hair. These come in two different shades – black and brown and can be used to conceal only the grey hair leaving the rest as is.

10. Godrej:

Godrej offers hair colors at an extremely affordable price with the help of henna and natural ingredients. It is priced at only 30 rs and offer a wide choice of colours – burgundy, brown and black.

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  • Vidya

    Hi. I just read the article and found it very very helpful. I was very confused about which hair colour brand to choose that best suits my hair and my pocket. Now, I feel relaxed and confident about which hair colour will I apply on my hair. Thanks for the post.