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Best Hair Moisturizers Available In India – Our Top 10

Best Hair Moisturizers Available In India – Our Top 10 March 2, 2018

Do you ever forget moisturizing your skin? No? Then why don’t you moisturize your hair as well?

Yes, moisturizing your hair is equally important. Hair dryers, hair iron and excessive hair wash makes your hair dry. And as much as we might want to avoid using these products all together, it isn’t possible.  This why a moisturizer for hair is equally important. You can do this with conditioners, hair lotions or hair masks.

Here I am listing top 10 hair moisturizer products that can provide intense moisture to your hair.

1. Oriflame Hair X Repair Therapy Hair Mask:

This hair mask gives nourishment to your damaged and dry hair. It also makes your hair smooth, tangle free and controls frizz. It also adds a nice shine to your hair and makes them manageable. It is very economical and easily available everywhere.

2. Himalaya Hair Detangler and Conditioner:

This conditioner comes with the goodness of natural ingredients which gives moisture to your hair. Moreover, it also makes your hair soft and smooth. It comes at an affordable price and it will not weight down your hair – which is an added benefit.

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3. Matrix Hydra Therapie Hydra-creme Intense Moisture Masque:

This mask has a light and creamy texture which makes the application easier. This mask is made to moisturize your dry and dull hair and it totally does it job. Moreover, it also makes your hair look healthy, manageable and extra smooth.

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4. Organic Olive Oil Hair Moisturizing Hair Lotion:

This is a hair lotion which makes your hair soft, smooth and tangle free. The texture is very creamy so it glides easily and washes out easily too. If you have frizzy hair then it will control your frizz to a great extent. It contains olives and many moisturizing oils which hydrate your hair. It’s a lotion but it will not make your hair sticky or greasy.

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5. The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Conditioner:

It is a milky white cream like gel which cleans your hair completely and makes them shiny and soft. It contains glycerin which provides moisture to your dry and damaged hair without weighing them down. It contains all natural ingredients and is best suited for people with normal to hair dry hair.

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6. Lush Hair Doctor Scalp Mask:

You damaged hair will now get treatment of a doctor :P. Just kidding, the name looks interesting doesn’t it? It is a cleansing and reviving hair moisturizer for dull and dry hair. It nourishes your scalp and helps in detangling. The best part about this mask is that there are no preservatives included in it.

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7. Aroma Magic Protein Hair Conditioner:

It is a moisturizing protein conditioner which is best suited for people having dry and dull hair. It provides moisture to your hair making them soft, shiny and smooth. It comes with an affordable price tag.

8. Oriflame Coconut & Ricemilk Nourishing Hair Mask:

As the name speaks, it is a nourishment mask made for dull hair. It is creamy in consistency which is easy to spread and due to its creamy texture it also hydrates hair well. The aroma is really good which stays with you for a while. It also claims to make your hair shiny and soft.

9. Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Treatment:

The texture of this mask is thick and creamy because it contains the goodness of shea butter and it nourishes your dry hair. Dry hair needs extra nourishment and this product is great best suited for such hair type. It also reduces frizz and makes your hair manageable.

10. The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter for dry hair:

This hair butter is specially made for dry hair. This give your hair extra moisture and care that it deserves. After using it your hair will feel softer, smoother and more manageable. It has a divine aroma which lingers for long. It doesn’t contain silicones, parabens and chemicals; hard to believe but that’s true. It also works as hair conditioner so you can skip the conditioning par. Isn’t that great?

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Convinced about hair moisturizers? Which one are you going to try? Do leave us a comment!


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