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Best Hair Serums Available In India – Our Top 10

Best Hair Serums Available In India – Our Top 10 September 6, 2017

With pollution and unhealthy lifestyles playing havoc with your hair, hair serums have become a must for everyone to keep those tresses manageable, frizz-free, shiny, smooth, nourished and hydrated.

With hair styling and hair products growing increasingly popular, using a hair serum is a good option as they are a great alternative to heat-protecting sprays.

The market today is flooded with options. If you’re looking for a good hair serum and are confused which one to go for, here is a list of the Top 10 hair serums available in India for you to choose from.

Which is the Best Hair Serum in India? Know the top ones!

1. Habibs Hair Serum:

Made for dry and chemically-treated hair, this hair serum makes your hair look nourished and tangle-free. It is great for dry hair and prevents hair fall. The consistency of the serum is not liquidy and spreads easily through hair. A small amount of the product is enough for each use, which makes it cost effective too. The product claims to cure split ends and can also be applied as a heat protectant. Overall, if you want tangle-free, smooth and manageable hair, then this serum is for you.

Price: Rs 240 for 100 ml

2. Streax Perfect Shine Hair Serum:

This hair serum helps smooth out dry, frizzy and unruly hair. It makes them manageable, shiny and smooth. It is especially good for dry hair as it is enriched with walnut oil which gives a nice conditioning effect. The serum nourishes hair and keeps them manageable all day long. The texture is light and it doesn’t make your hair oily, even when used extra, though you only need a coin-sized amount. The price is affordable and it’s easily available everywhere.

Price: Rs. 175 for 100 ml

3. Loreal Professional TEC Liss Control Hair Serum:

If you’re despairing over your frizzy hair then this hair serum in India from the L’Oreal professional range is a good option for you. The serum makes hair frizz-free and you need only a pea-sized amount, which means one bottle will last long. It will also keep your hair manageable for the next 24 hours while adding a nice shine.

Price: 525 INR for 50ml

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4. Matrix Biolage Smoothing Hair Serum:

This hair serum from Matrix is a fusion of taming polymers that control frizz and make hair manageable. It also contains avocado and grapeseed oil which makes hair smooth, shiny and nourished. The serum protects your hair from heat and does not make them look oily. The texture is light and it spreads easily on hair. It is best suited for people with dry, frizzy and unruly hair.

Price: Rs. 215 for 100 mL

5. Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo Complexe:

This hair serum from Kerastase is a multipurpose serum; it can be used as oil for head massage, as a heat protectant before using heat products, or as an after-wash product to add shine and control frizz. The texture of the serum is light and it doesn’t make hair look oily. It conditions and nourishes hair really well and the effects last for more than 3 days which is commendable. The price is high as compared to other hair serums but it’s definitely worth trying.

Price: Rs 2300 for 125 ml

6. John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum Thermal Protection:

This hair serum is made for frizzy hair as it controls frizz to a great extent and makes hair manageable for long time. You can apply it on wet or dried hair and it is very light and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. It comes in a sturdy and travel friendly packaging which makes it convenient to use and take along. The serum makes hair smooth, soft, shiny and tangle-free. It also protects your hair from heat damage, UV exposure and pollutants. It has a very pleasant scent which stays on for quite some time.

Price: INR 400 for 50 ml

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7. Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Hair Serum:

This hair serum is completely organic and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like SLS, parabens, artificial colour, phthalates, or propylene glycol. It keeps hair soft and frizz-free for the entire day and does not need any re-application. This serum won’t make your hair oily and a little amount is enough for each use. It also acts as a heat protectant, and long term use of this serum will not harm your hair, as it is made from natural ingredients.

Price: Rs.495 for 78ml

8. L’Oreal Serie Expert Absolut Repair Cellular Unifibrine Hair Serum:

If you’re suffering from split ends then this hair serum from L’Oreal’s Absolut range is a must for you, as it is a *first-aid for split ends*. It has a very pleasant fragrance and the texture is light, which spreads easily on hair. Only a pea-sized amount is needed to make your hair smooth and tangle-free and to add a nice shine to them. The serum is enriched with Unifi brine, which contains smoothening polymers that keep hair silky soft for the next 2 days. It also protects your hair from getting further damaged as it travels along the hair shaft.

Price: – Rs. 580

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9. Khadi Smooth and Silk Hair Serum:

This hair serum form Khadi is enriched with the goodness of jojoba and almond oil which makes hair shiny, lustrous and also adds a bounce to them. It also controls frizz and makes hair manageable. The serum reduces hair fall as it contains almond oil and nourishes hair. It also protects them from UV rays and prevents split ends. Made from natural ingredients, this hair serum won’t harm your hair.

Price: Rs. 290 for 210 ml

10. The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum:

As the name says, this hair serum adds gloss and shine to dry, unruly hair. It moisturizes hair without making them oily or greasy. It is enriched with the goodness of grape seed oil which is a fatty acid and helps protect moisture of hair, thus making them silky smooth. It also contains sesame oil which conditions dry hair and gives them a natural shine. The serum is silicone-free and thus it won’t harm your hair in any way.

Price: Rs. 545 for 75 ml

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Now that we’ve given you so many options of hair serum products in India, which one are you planning to go for?

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