Best Hairstyles For Triangle Face Shape

The triangle face shapes are usually narrow at the forehead, and widest at the jawline. This kind of a face shape tends to have its focus on the pointy chin that over all invariably gives the face a mean and angry look. Definitely not something you want to look like at all times! So the best hairstyles for these people are cuts which accentuate their foreheads & cheekbones and which take away attention from their pointed chin.


Best hairstyles for triangle face

Short hairstyles for triangle shaped faces:

We Indians love long luscious hair but if you have triangular face shape, then it’s best to keep your hair short. Why? Because long hairstyles tend to accentuate the pointed chin and make the face look more triangular.

Short hairstyles are best for this face shape. Short hairstyles with waves and bangs are also great. The trick is to take attention away from the chin. But do keep in mind that straight hair is not good for this face shape so keep your short hair in curls or waves. Try some romantic vintage curls or waves.

short hairstyles for triangular face shapes

  • This shape looks great as it has a great mix of waves and the bangs which fall near the eyes also look great.

katherine heigl hairstyles

  • This style also looks great. Here vintage curls are used for a soft romantic and elegant look.

Medium length hairstyles for triangle shaped faces:

Medium length is also good for triangular face shapes but they need to keep in mind that some layers have to be incorporated round the face to take attention away from the chin.

The main aim is to make the face look proportionate. The styles we love for medium length hair on triangular face are:

medium length hairstyles for triangle face

  • Here the layers add to the look as well as the waves which take away attention away from the face. The shoulder length hair also adds to the style.

medium hairstyles for triangular faces

  • If you want to sport straight hair style, do it in a medium length bob. But always keep the front hair section away from the jaw line. Here we see the front parts ending near the cheeks which are not making the chin look more prominent.

Long hairstyles for triangle shaped faces:

If you have long hair or lust for it then, we also have some long hairstyles to help you enjoy your locks.

long hairstyles for triangular faces

  • Curls and waves are very good way to hide the pointed chin and take away attention from it. The above style has loose waves to help take away attention from the jaw.

long hairstyles for inverted triangle face shape

  • This is another example of long hairstyle which will suit triangular face shape. The curls are great as well as the front section which is away from the jaw line and helps not to draw attention to it. 

Some Added Tips for triangle face shape hairstyles:

  • Keep the hairstyle short and keep the hair from coming close to the chin
  • When you want a medium hairstyle, opt for a layered look. Plain straight hair will not look good
  • Try asymmetrical bobs
  • Bangs are great but they should be side swept and not falling directly on the chin or near it

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