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Best Hand Moisturizing Lotions In India – Our Top 10

Best Hand Moisturizing Lotions In India – Our Top 10 October 16, 2017

Keeping your hands soft is always a challenge. This is one thing I would forget everyday till I actually bought two of three varieties of hand lotions and kept it in all the rooms I frequent to as a reminder that I need to use it! Here is the list of the best hand moisturizing skin lotions in India.

Best Moisturizing Hand Lotion India:

1. Hand and Foot Lotion by Rustic Art:

The fragrance of this hand cream is citrusy and what I like about this lotion is that the fragrance lingers long after it has been applied. Easily absorbing, it does not leave your hands greasy at all. People with dry skin may need to use more than just one pump of this lotion. Why I love this? Absolutely organic and one of the  best moisturizing hand lotion ever!

Quantity and Price: This 100 ml bottle is priced at INR 495

2. Norwegian Formula Hand Cream by Neutrogena:

This hand cream is perfect for those who have dry hands as it keeps your hands moisturised for a long time. This glycerine rich cream moisturizes your hands instantly and makes them feel soft. Perfect for the winters!

Quantity and Price: This 56 gm tube is priced at INR 300

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3. Hand and Cuticle Cream by Natural Bath and Body:

This hand cream has a very mild fragrance which I like. I have been using this product for almost a month now, the only glitch is that the moisturizing capacity is a bit less. In winters you may need to reapply this often and this cream is suitable for a normal to combination skin. Definitely a no no for dry skin. Since this is a non greasy cream, it tends to absorb fast which is a plus point.

Quantity and Price: This 50 gm jar is priced at INR 275

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4. Sympathy for the skin by Lush:

This rich cocoa butter and banana cream is easily absorbed into skin and leaves your hand soft and moisturised for a long time. The only drawback is the price and in summers it tends to leave your hand greasy.

Quantity and Price: This 240 gms tub/jar is priced at INR 1310

5. The Body Butters by The Natures Co:

Most body butters from TNC work as excellent hand creams. You need really less in the summers because it keeps your hands moisturized for a really long time. It leaves your hands smelling absolutely fragrant and keeps it soft and supple. So if you own one of the body butters from TNC, you don’t need to invest in a different hand cream

Quantity and Price:  Price varies according to the body butters.(approx INR1000)

6. Natural Beeswax Hands Cream by Mountain Bounties:

This hand cream has a very mild fragrance and takes a while to get absorbed into the skin. People with dry skin may need to scoop out an extra portion to keep their hands nourished. The only drawback to this product is that it is not easily available.

Quantity and Price: This 50 gm jar is priced at INR 100

7. Wild Lily Skin Rejuvenating Hand Cream by Shahnaz Husain:

This hand cream is enriched with natural emollients and oils. Its unique formulation nourishes and rejuvenates your hands making them soft and supple. It absorbs quickly leaving your hands non greasy. Perfect for all year round!

Quantity and Price: This 100 gm tube is priced at INR 595

8. Hand and Cuticle Moisturising Cream by Aloe Veda:

This non greasy hand cream not only softens the cuticles and hands but also strengthens nails against splitting & peeling. Use it regularly to keep your hands soft and moisturized.

Quantity and Price: This 100 ml tub is priced at INR 275

9HandsOn Hand Cream by Vedic Line:


This non greasy cream, softens dry cuticles, moisturises dry, rough and chapped hands to keep them soft and moisturised. The goodness of shea butter nourishes dry hands to keep them soft. And what’s good about it? It’s paraben free.

Quantity and Price: This 75 ml tube is priced at INR 160

10. The range from Victoria’s Secret:

Victoria’s Secret is one brand that most of us will love to own. The fragrance of their hand creams and long lasting and are a total bliss! That apart it is a perfect solution for those with dry hands. The intensive formulation in this hand cream will keep your hands hydrated for a long time.

Quantity and Price: This 200 ml tube is priced at INR 900

So that is our list of the best hand moisturizing lotions in India! Let us know if your choice features in this list and which one of them you can’t wait to try. Comment away!

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