Best Indian Nail Polish Brands – Our Top 10 June 25, 2016

The Indian market has very many good nail polish brands, which are very good in quality and quite affordable too. Plus there is no lack in the range in terms of textures or colours! Here we present only those Indian nail polish brands which are easily available either through online stores or through your local stores.

Top 10 Nail Polish Brands In India

1. Colorbar:

Colorbar U.S.A. is a very affordable brand for nail polishes. It has a vast color range and includes many different finishes. You can find many colors like soft shades to neon shades in Colorbar.

It has three ranges, their normal ones cost Rs. 110, Neons and exclusive range costs Rs. 150 and its Pro range costs Rs. 350. Colorbar has crackle nail paints also which are priced for Rs 499 and glitter top coats for Rs 350. This is definitely the best nail polish brand in India.

We recommend this brand because of its availability, color range, quality and quantity for the price it gives. These nail paints are must haves in your stash.


Buy Colorbar Nail Polish For ₹ 164.00 @

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2. Lakme:


Buy Lakme Nail Polish For ₹ 120.00 @

It is the one of the oldest brands for nail paints. This brand has many shades to offer from Metallics to Creams, you can find any colour in lakme. Lakme’s fast and fabulous range is one of the hottest selling nail paints currently in India.

We recommend this brand because of the availability, quality, quantity and affordable price.

3. Revlon:

Revlon is very good brand that you can trust for Nail polishes. Their nail paints dry very fast and they are affordable too. We recommend this brand because of its quality, price, colour range, finishes, drying time and availability.


Buy Revlon Nail Polish For ₹ 178.00 @

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4. Faces:

Buy Faces Nail polish @

Faces is a good brand when it comes to the nail paints. Their nail paints comes in two sizes and it has many things for nail art lovers like nail art stickers, artificial nails etc.

We recommend this brand because of the quality, colors, quantity and affordability.

5. Elle 18:

Elle 18 nail paints are priced at Rs 50 only and are of good quality. We recommend these because of their availability, affordability and good quality.


Buy Elle 18 Nail polish For ₹ 60.00 @

6. OPI:

This is great nail polish brand in India that you may find expensive at Rs 520. But the polishes dry very quickly and give your nails a very professional look. OPI comes in many shades but  availability is an issue. Despite this, we totally recommend this brand.


Buy OPI Nail Polish For ₹ 864.12 @

7. China Glaze:

This is one of my favorite brands. It is quite expensive at Rs. 500. But the quality is very good. We totally recommend this.

Buy China Glaze Nail Polish For ₹ 1,699.00 @

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8. Inglot:

Inglot is a very premium branded nail polish in India. It comes in many shades and many finishes. Availability is an issue.

We totally recommend this product because quality, quantity and colors.


Buy Inglot Nail Polish For ₹ 10,564.97 @

9. Chambor:

The quality is great. You may give these nail paints a try.


Buy Chambor Nail Polish For ₹ 299.00 @

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10. NYX:

These nail paints are of very good quality. They come in many finishes and colors. Availability is an issue. But these are great and we totally recommend these.


Buy NYX nail polish For ₹ 299.00 @

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  • Nimrata

    Elle 18 and Nyx is my best brands ever.. every time it must in my shopping list :) nice article :)!!

    • puja malhotra

      Thanks Nimrata….nyx is my personal favourite too :)

  • Oindrila

    Lovely post dear! Got so many brands left to try :)

    • puja malhotra


  • Raminder Bhullar

    very useful post i love inglot and colourbar

  • poonam

    U hv not recommened price. Spending 500 or above over nails is quite expensive. U hvn’t even mention blue heaven products which is quite affordable.