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Best Kettlebell Exercises And Their Benefits – Our Top 10

Best Kettlebell Exercises And Their Benefits – Our Top 10 October 26, 2017

Kettlebell is no longer a body builder’s sole motive, but is now a part of one’s regular exercise regime. The reason a kettlebell is considered a good option is that it forms the centre of gravity and allows you to balance your body. It is of great use when it comes to forming a core and muscle strength.

Few benefits of this hardcore kettlebell exercise are:

  • It helps in building strong endurance power.
  • It develops good muscles and strengthens their core power and stability.
  • You can improve the body balance and be more flexible.

Kettlebell Exercises

1. Two Handed Kettlebell swing:

The Kettlebell swing is one of the beginner level exercise which focuses mainly on the hip, thighs, arms and legs. To start with hold on to your kettlebell and stand straight with legs wide apart in direction of the hips. Once set, swing the kettlebell up and then place between both your legs backwards. Slightly bend your knees as you take it behind and release to regain back your original position. Perform this 10 times a day to release the pressure on your hips and thighs.

2. One Handed Kettlebell Swing:

All you need to do is hold on to your hips, raise your other hand with the kettlebell and bend as you swing it between your legs. Remember to not jerk as you perform this to avoid any internal injuries.

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3. Two Arm Kettlebell Row:

The two arm kettlebell row gives your shoulder the much needed muscle power and endurance through the workout. You just have to bend forwards holding the kettlebell, with your hips pushed back and your chest bent down in line to your knees. Once you attain the position, you must pull up the kettlebell towards your chest with your elbows bending outwards. This exercise gives you a chance to focus on your arms and shoulders and shapes your chest.

4. Kettlebell Figure 8:

Kettlebell figure 8 is kind of an isometric squat where you pass on the kettlebell forming the figure 8 around the legs for 3 seconds and then reverse the entire procedure. This workout helps you develop strong abs and firmer arms.

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5. Kettlebell High Pull:

Focusing on your shoulder, arms, butt and hamstrings is the kettlebell high pull, where you hold the kettlebell low in lines to your pelvis and pull it up like a pulley. Beginners start this with two hands, but its more effective when done single handedly as the focus is more.

6. Kettlebell Front Squat:

Squats have been known to develop round butts, shaped thighs and hips. But when done with kettlebell the pressure is double. The kettlebell front squats needs you to hold the kettlebell on one hand and balancing your body weight keeping your other hand straight, squat down and up. Do this exercise with a repetition of 10 to see results.

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7. Kettlebell Lunge Press:

The kettle bell lunge press is all about making your lunges a bit more pressurized. Holding your kettlebell up high in the air, perform the lunges on each leg 10 times to see results at a good pace.

8. Kettlebell Russian Twist:

The Kettlebell Russian twist is just the added weight you carry to shape and strengthen the abs core muscles. All you need to do is lie down on your back and hold the kettlebell above your stomach. Lift your body up and twist towards the right along with the kettlebell, without letting it touch the floor. The amount of repetitions you do will help you shape them faster.

9. Kettlebell Windmill:

The kettlebell windmill is an exercise where you beat the weight of the kettlebell with your body weight (acting anti-gravity). Just hold on to your kettlebell with one hand and push the other hand to touch the opposite side toe. In the meantime, try raising the hand holding the kettlebell high above the ground.

10. Kettlebell Slingshot:

The kettlebell slingshot is all about rotating the kettlebell around your body. With your hands in line with your chest level, you have to sling the kettlebell backwards with one hand and grab it with the other hand to pull it in front. This completes your upper body workout regime in just 10 repetitions.

Hope you try these kettlebells exercises. Please leave us a comment to let us know how it helped you!

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