Keya Seth is known as the pioneer of aromatherapy in India. It is one of the leading Ayurvedic and Herbal health & beauty care brands in India. Products from Keya Seth can be trusted blindly and they are highly effective too. People have been using Keya Seth Hair Products to nourish their hair and fight hair & scalp problems.

The top 10 Keya Seth Products for hair available in India is as follows:

1. Keya Seth Aromatic Spa Conditioner Hair Serum:

keya seth aromatic spa conditioner hair serum

This wonderful hair serum helps to prevent damage caused by the environment aggressions. It is made from aromatic essential oils like lavender, geranium, and lemon, cedar wood, rose and orange. It nourishes the hair and makes it smooth, soft and beautiful. If you have artificially straightened hair or premed or colored hair, this will protect your hair and nourish it, and prevent damage.

2. Keya Seth Alopex Hair Oil:

keya seth alopex hair oil

Alopex Hair Oil from Keya Seth helps to prevent hair fall and strengthen hair roots. It nourishes the hair while helping to fight other hair challenges like split ends, pre-mature aging and dullness. If you have spot alopecia, this hair oil will boost hair growth.

3. Keya Seth Shine and Silk Spa Conditioning Shampoo:

keya seth shine and silk spa conditioning shampoo

Shine and Silk Spa Conditioning Shampoo is made of tea leaves, fenugreek, kesin, ritha, tea tree, honey, rosemary, lemon and lavender which provides nourishment to the hair while making them more shiny, soft and silky. It also repairs damaged, dull and dry hair while giving it a new life.

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4. Keya Seth Root Active Hair Vitalize:

keya seth root active hair vitalize

This is a hair toner that helps to get rid of dry hair problems like dandruff, itching, dullness etc. It also protects your hairs from harmful UV rays which makes your hair lifeless and weak. It conditions and nourishes the hair deeply while making it soft and shiny.

5. Keya Seth Black Shine Hair Pack:

keya seth black shine hair pack

This hair pack is made of lodh, methi, arnica, amla, jaba and tea leaves which protect your hair from pre-mature graying. This also provides nourishment to your hair and makes it more strong, thick and lustrous.

6. Keya Seth Shine and Silk 3-in-1 Honey Shampoo:

keya seth shine and silk 3 in 1 honey shampoo

This shampoo is enriched with honey which is a natural conditioner. It brings luster and shine to the hair which conditions and protects it till next wash.

7. Keya Seth Hair Grown Oil:

keya seth hair grown oil

If you want to boost your hair growth and wish to have tangle free thick hair, this oil is a perfect choice. It will not only boost your hair growth but also gives you shiny, soft and problem free hair.

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8. Keya Seth Shine and Silk Volume Shampoo:

keya seth shine and silk volume shampoo

This shampoo from the house of Keya Seth helps you to increase the volume of your hair. It makes your hair thick, strong and boosts up the volume.

9. Keya Seth Hair Protein Pack:

keya seth hair protein pack

This is a special hair pack which has natural properties of henna, amla, bhringraj, methi and jatamanshi that provides total nourishment to your hair and fights dandruff and hair-fall. Using this hair protein pack at least once in a week will give you visibly dense, healthy, problem free and beautiful hair.

10. Keya Seth Henna Natural Hair Color:

keya seth henna natural hair color

Keya Seth hair products have everything including hair oils, shampoos, conditioner, hair packs and hair colors. Last on our list of top 10 Keya Seth Hair Products is its Henna Natural Hair Color. It has pure henna leaves along with orange peels, aloe vera, ground tea leave, coir and yoghurt extracts which covers all grey’s while providing a natural and healthy shine to them making it more manageable, lustrous and healthy.

So which one of the Keya Seth products are you going to try next? Do leave us a comment!

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