Top 10 Best Looking Dreadlock Hairstyles March 17, 2017

The word ‘dreadlocks’ seems to imply that this is one hairstyle to stay far away from. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, dreadlocks are probably one of the coolest hair looks to sport. And guess what? You don’t need to say goodbye to your girly hairdos once you get dreadlocks! Read on to find out how you can get the best of both worlds.
Here are the top 10 Dreadlock hairstyles for women to check out:

Dreadlock Hairstyle 1

Shakira’s hips don’t lie. And neither does her hair! Here you can see her sport a cute and simple dreadlocks hairstyle. The hair has been parted from the front middle and equal number of dreadlocks were taken from each side and bound together to create this look.

Dreadlock Hairstyle 1 Pinit

Image: Getty

Dreadlock Hairstyle 2

If you are not ready to do dreadlocks on the entire length of the hair, you may try this hairstyle. We see that the front section has been left natural and the lower part of the hair has been divided in equal parts, and dreadlocks have been created with them.

Dreadlock Hairstyle 2 Pinit

Image: Getty

Dreadlock Hairstyle 3

This style is called the twisted dreadlock hair look. The dreadlocks have been groomed so as to look twisted and the hair has been given the look of two ropes being twisted together from the root to the tip.

Dreadlock Hairstyle 3 Pinit

Image: Getty

Dreadlock Hairstyle 4

This hairstyle is done by braiding the hair very closely from the scalp. The hair is parted from the side and then braised till the end to achieve this effect.

Dreadlock Hairstyle 4 Pinit

Image: Getty

Dreadlock Hairstyle 5

This hairstyle is more complex as the hair has been groomed to look twisted and the twists are then given the appearance of waves. The twist and wave combination here looks perfectly done. The small hair accessories used here and there only add to its beauty.

Dreadlock Hairstyle 5 Pinit

Image: Getty

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Dreadlock Hairstyle 6

A combination of dreadlock and curls are seen here again. The hair has been parted in the middle and the dreadlocks have been shaped like curls which make it look even more beautiful.

Dreadlock Hairstyle 6 Pinit

Image: Getty

Dreadlock Hairstyle 7

If you want to try different types of dreads hairstyles then this style will let you do that. The tresses are groomed in dreadlocks of different sizes and textures. The combination of large, thick, natural dreadlocks with salon-styled and braided dreadlocks looks great.

Dreadlock Hairstyle 7 Pinit

Image: Getty

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Dreadlock Hairstyle 8

If you have short hairs then try this hairstyle. These tight, curly dreadlocks look superb on short hair. The short length helps the curls to show properly. The highlights done in the hair add texture and color to the hairstyle. Parting the hair from the middle is the best way to get this hairstyle.

Dreadlock Hairstyle 8 Pinit

Image: Getty

Dreadlock Hairstyle 9

Dreadlocks don’t need to be kept loose but they can very well do for hair buns. Hair buns like the high hair bun look fabulous with different strands of dreadlocked hair. The textures and colors add up to the hairstyle and make it quite unique.

Dreadlock Hairstyle 9 Pinit

Image: Getty

Dreadlock Hairstyle 10

Dreadlock Hairstyle 10 Pinit

Image: Getty

This hairstyle shows dreadlocks being used to create two donut buns. The bun in the middle and the bun at the back both use dreadlocks and the designs looks beautiful with a touch of creativity.

Do you wish to try any of these dreadlock hairstyles? Share your thoughts below.

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