Best Loreal Lip Glosses – Our Top 10 July 10, 2015

Because you deserve the best.

L’Oreal is the world’s largest cosmetic and beauty company and is present in 130 countries across the 5 continents. The brand is endorsed by leading celebrities from every part of the world, the most popular Indian names being AishwaryaRai and Sonam Kapoor. From cleanser, toner and moisturizer to everyday essential makeup, L’Oreal Paris is the go-to brand for consumers around the world.

Let us tell you about the 10 best L’Oreal lip glosses from its different ranges.

Loreal Lip Gloss Shades

1. L’orealColour Riche Le Gloss Really Rose:

  • Colour Riche Le Lip Gloss is creamy and ultra-hydrating
  • It is enriched with Vitamin E, argan oil and omega 3.
  • It gives an ultra-creamy and ultra-shiny look without feeling heavy on the lips.
  • Colour Riche Le lip gloss are available in 10 stunning shades which you can wear alone or over your favourite lipstick.
  • Really Rose is a beautiful brownish pink which is a perfect everyday pink.
  • The shade is shimmer-free which makes it perfect for work or college wear.
  • The shade would look amazing on medium and dusky skin tones.
  • The gloss is absolutely non sticky and keeps the lips moisturized and supple for hours.
  • Priced at INR 550

2. L’orealColour Riche Le Gloss Blushing Berry:

  • Blushing Berry is a pretty berry red shade with hints of gold shimmer in it. The shimmers are very fine and do not look over the top.
  • This is the most richly pigmented shade out of all the shades from this range.
  • The colour is absolutely stunning and has the right amount of berry colour and shine to glamorize the look.
  • The shade adds brightness to the face and makes the lips look plump and luscious after application.
  • The staying power is also decent and it stays for more than 2 hours, which is quite good for a lip gloss.
  • Priced at INR 550

3. L’orealColour Riche Le Gloss Violet Attitude:

  • Violet attitude is a mild toned fuchsia with micro shimmers.
  • The colour looks vibrant and sets to a muted plum pink on the lips.
  • The shimmers are not very noticeable on the lips.
  • In spite of being non sticky, the gloss easily lasts for 2 to 3 hours.
  • The shade is a bit sheer in pigmentation so you can wear it on top of your lipstick to get a richer look.
  • Priced at INR 550

4. L’orealGlamshine 6hr Lip Gloss Mauve:

  • L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine is a shiny and shimmery lip gloss that gives a perfect balance between shine and staying power.
  • The lip gloss claims to stay for 6 hours and gives a perfect pigmentation in just one swipe.
  • The shine fix technology in this gloss creates a resistant film over the lips which help the product to stay on for hours on end.
  • This fabulous lip gloss is a nice muted mauve shade.
  • This shade is the most pigmented of all glosses in this range and the colour shows perfectly on the lips.
  • The texture of this gloss is pretty thick but doesn’t have a sticky feeling to it.
  • It appears more like a liquid lip colour than a lip gloss.
  • The lasting power of this shade is amazing. It stays for more than 4 hours with meals in between.
  • Priced at INR 925

5. L’orealGlamshine 6hr Lip Gloss Irrestible Grapes:

  • Irresistible Grapes is a gorgeous pinkish purple shade with loads of blue shimmer in it.
  • The shimmers are not much gritty and do not feel uncomfortable.
  • The gloss is quite pigmented and gives an opaque coverage in a single swipe.
  • The gloss stays for 4 hours easily.
  • Priced at INR 925

6. L’orealGlamshine 6hr Lip Gloss Hold On Rose:

  • Hold On Rose is a pale milky pink with mauve undertones.
  • The shade, like other shades in this range, contains lots of shimmer in it which gives a pretty sheen to the gloss.
  • Since it is a soft and moderately pigmented colour, the shade does not cover lip pigmentation effectively and looks different on everyone, depending on the natural shade of the lips.
  • This is a light weight gloss that is perfect for night wear.
  • Priced at INR 925

7. L’orealGlamshineReflexion Lip Gloss Sheer Watermelon:

  • GlamshineReflexion Lip Gloss is a collection of non-sticky moisturizing lip glosses. These come with reflective mirror shine which gives a dazzling mirror like shine to the lips.
  • It comes with a patented heart shaped applicator which gives a precise and easy application.
  • The wand glides like cushion on the lips.
  • Watermelon is a light pinky peach shade with pink glitters.
  • The gloss has a non-sticky texture and gives a wet look shine to the lips.
  • It has a nice fruity scent which is quite refreshing.
  • The gloss is quite sheer in pigmentation and is perfect for daily wear.
  • Priced at INR 750

8. L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine 6 hours Lip gloss Absolutely Red:

  • This shade is intense and rich unlike the other lip glosses of this range.
  • It is a nice deep red shade with hints of silver shimmer.
  • The gloss is non-sticky and is comfortable to wear.
  • It has a delectable sweet scent that is simply irresistible.
  • The staying power is decent and stays for 2 hours easily.
  • The shade is richly pigmented and gives an opaque coverage in a single swipe.
  • Priced at INR 925

9. LorealGlamshineReflexion Lip Gloss Sheer Pitaya:

  • Sheer Pitaya is a bright fuchsia shade with hints of pink and golden shimmer.
  • The shade is universally flattering and would suit a variety of skin tones.
  • This shade is the most pigmented out of all reflexion lips glosses in this range.
  • It gives a nice opaque coverage in a single swipe and effectively hides pigmentation and dark lips.
  • Priced at INR 750

10. LorealGlamshineReflexion Lip Gloss Sheer Grenadine:

  • Sheer Grenadine is a nice muted red shade which you can wear alone or top it on your brick coloured lipstick.
  • Menthol and polypol ingredients in this gloss give a refreshing and tingling sensation which instantly plumps the lips.
  • The shade contains shimmers which do not look over the top.
  • It is best suited for party wear.

Priced at INR 750

Hope this narrows done the list of what to try among the L’Oreal lip glosses. Put on those colours and glam it up! Then comment and tell us how it made you feel wonderful!

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