Best Maori Tattoo Designs – Our Top 10 April 14, 2015

Tattooing is one trend which has always been taking the fashion world by storm. The style, the finish, and the underlying meaning a tattoo carries have made this vogue a smashing hit amongst the people.  Though I fail to understand how people can tolerate the pain of getting tattooed, the hint of mystery tattoos portray has always interested me.

Maori, pioneered by the Maori tribes of Polynesia is a tattoo culture of New Zealand. Even Captain James Cook, the great British explorer was intrigued by Maori tattoos and popularized them.

In case you happen to be that individual whose one of the core passions lies in getting inked, then behold and read on! The trendiest of Maori tattoos exclusively for you!

1. Marquesas Cross Maori Tattoo:

The Marquesas Cross is a popular Maori symbol. It signifies the balance between elements and harmony.

Alright. Putting history aside, let’s move on to the actual matter.

This would be one marvellous choice in case you want to sport a traditional style. Of course, nothing like having a tinge of tradition mixed with fad!

By the way, hope you aren’t a tenderfoot!

2. Spear Head Maori Tattoo:

As the name itself suggests, this tattoo speaks of courage and strength. Those intricate lines and pattern are something your eyes just can’t resist. Each of those is symbolic to a particular characteristic.

If you really want to get needled with this intricate tat, then you should do it right away!

3. Ocean Maori Tattoo:

For some people, ocean means death. And for some others, it means the world beyond it. But whatever it means to you, I can guarantee you one thing. This beautifully designed tat will look strikingly amazing.

4. Sun Maori Tattoo:

Leadership, richness and brilliance; that is what this ink represents. And a simple yet striking look is what it emanates.

5. Shark Teeth Maori Tattoo:

Amongst Polynesian tattoos, ‘shark teeth’ is one of the most important fish symbols. This style represents courage and guidance.

So if you want to flaunt your guts and daring, just tac it on!

6. Flower Maori Tattoo:

A tattoo style that requires serious effort from your side to stay still in order to avoid airbrushing (in case you are getting this beautiful design needled on a sensitive part of your body).

This tattoo is a concoction of a pretty little flower bordered by beautiful tribal patterns. The best choice in case you want to show your ink to your beloved!

7. Facial Maori Tattoo:

Contrary to what the name suggests, this is not designed on the face. This face-like tattoo has a strong expression and a deep emotion. Not mere mundane faces, but a dynamic visage accompanied with striking designs that make the entire tattoo a powerful one.

8. Maori Hand Tattoo:

If you have a penchant for simple yet elegant designs on your hands, then you should go for these beautiful Maori inks. They are both clean and sophisticated and don’t fail to give you a classy look!

9. Maori Tattoo On The Back:

Do you have a well toned muscular back? Then this Maori tattoo is tailor made for you! This vivid design gives your tattoo artist an opportunity to use his irons at their best!

10. Star Maori Tattoo:

Stars are one of the most usually chosen designs in Maori tattoos. These might range from a simple star with a single colour, or a multi-star design with many colours. The choice is of the wearer!

So there you go! Some of the most stylishly inked designs coming right from the tattoo artist’s irons.

When are you getting your tattoo?

  • varshahoney

    pretty nice designs :)

  • KalpanaMalhotra

    like all :)

  • Simrin

    v NICE :)

  • Lakshanya

    looks good :)

  • Malika

    like Small Maori Tatoo.. :3

  • Chelsea

    Maori is not an art form it is a culture and the name for the indigenous people of New Zealand. Tamoko is the name for the Maori tattoo art form and most of these you have here are not Maori. Only number 5 is and sort of 4&8. Maori tattoos do not use flowers, stars, hearts, arrows or bows. In fact, Maori never used bow & arrows. Maori tattoo is something to be taken very seriously and every single symbol has a meaning and represents the receivers ancestry and tells a story. Every Maori person who receives one of these plans it very carefully with the artist and can explain every symbol. They represent a lot more than just “looking attractive.”

  • Shalini

    Heyy, simply loved all the tattoo designs out there. They are small sized and look beautiful. It seems like they are less painful when compared to the other designs. Planning to get one of these very soon :)

  • Birjis

    Very neat compilation! The designs are quite simple at the same time very beautiful. Thanks for the post!

  • Sultana

    Hey, wonderful tattoo designs :)Thanks for sharing.. Would like to try no. 2 & 10 designs. keep sharing such designs…

  • Hinepukohurangi Rangihau

    Sorry but u need more educating, did u just choose the first 10 images on google or something? Half of these are pacific island not maori.. Also maori is our culture indigenous to New Zealand, not an art. Please get your facts correct, use wikipedia if u have to or something.

  • cocheta

    The only Maori tattoo, kind of, is number 7 & some of the others are from the islands, not new zealand.