Bun Hairstyles have been in vogue for a while among school and college girls.  No matter how many bad hair days you face, a messy bun can be your saviour on all these days. You can experiment with different buns and team it up with chic accessories.  Especially when you have to rush from work to a party, these buns will make you look ravishing with no extra effort.
Messy buns are a must try this season! Go for it! Here’s our top messy buns hairstyles looks that you can flaunt away.

1. Low Hung Messy Bun:


Emma Rose Roberts sports a very simple version of the low crunched up messy hair buns. You can easily create this sweet subtle look with your wavy hair. Use some shine serum for the glamorous shimmer. A few side bangs can also be a hot touch to this look.

2. Top Twisted Messy Bun:

You can try this look by back combing your hair and teasing it at the crown. Do not use any serum and give this a dry look. Twist some sections and clip them into the bun. This will give a better messy look. Leave two thin sections of bangs on both sides of your face to complete the look.

quick summer hairstyle twisted messy bun

Via pinterest

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3. Bouffant Top With a Flat Messy Bun:

Do you like the bouffant look of the 80′s? If yes then you can try this hot bouffant bun look soon. After the teasing and pinning into a bouffant is done, take the rest of the hair and make a normal bun. Avoid using any serum as this is a dry hair look. The less shiny, the more sexy it looks.

flat messy bun hairstyles Via pinterest

4. Braided Messy Bun:

Are you a fan of braids? Try out this fusion hairstyle. Make some thin braids with the crown hair which are half way. Take the rest of the hair, tease it a little and secure it into a top bun such that the braids can be seen as sections from the front. This one makes a super fusion look. Doesn’t this messy bun hairstyle steal the cake?

messy braided bun hairstyles

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5. Low Messy Pin Curl Bun:

Do you like pin curls? If yes, then try out this super cute look. You will need strong hair spray and tiny pins for the pin curls along with some hair bands and accessories.

low messy bun for short hair

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6. Vanessa Hudgen’s Messy Waves Crunched-up Bun:

Using a big barrel, curl your hair to some nice big curls. Use a hairspray to hold the curls or you can also use some gel on it. Brush your hair out with a paddle brush and then crunch it up into a bun. You will love this look.

messy waves hairstyles

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7. Sleek Hair Messy Bun:

Isn’t this a simple one for straight hair girls. You don’t need to curl or twist or style your hair for this hairstyle. Just tie all your hair like the way it is into a messy bun and add some band accessories to complete the look.

messy bun for medium hair

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8. The Various Twists Messy Bun Look:

If your hair is long and thick, then you can easily make many twists like below and roll it up into a messy bun. You don’t have to use any serum or gel as its a messy and dry look.

twist messy bun

Via pinterest

9. Lazy Braided Messy Bun Look:

Like this lazy messy braid look? Go for this simple messy bun with some of your hair twisted and pinned to one side.

braided messy bun updo

Via pinterest

10. Conch Shell Messy Bun:

Now how can we forget our very favourite summer bun look?  Try this messy conch shell look for these summer beats instead of a clean, tight and tidy conch shell bun look.

conch shell braid bun Via pinterest

Liked this article? Which one are you planning to sport?

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