10 Best Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks Available In India January 31, 2017

Living in this world full of pollution, we face many skin problems like sun tanning, acne, dark spots, blemishes, and the list goes on. Many women use concealer or foundation to hide those visible skin problems. But, is hiding really enough? There is a need for effective solutions that won’t just hide but actually help to cure most of your skin problems. Face masks prove to be a great help in this case. They are created to suit your skin type and needs. Face masks can help to fix numerous skin problems. For every type of skin issue, be it acne, dryness, dullness or wrinkles, there is a face mask available in the market. Montagne Jeunesse is one such brand that offers a variety of face masks. These are meant to tackle different skin problems while leaving your skin relaxed and radiant.

Top 10 Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks:

1. Montagne Jeunesse Whitening Masque:

It has skin lightening agents that help to even out the skin tone and dark spots. It also helps to lighten age spots and dull areas of the skin. It promises to transform the skin texture, making it smooth. If you have lately experienced sun tanning, this mask is definitely an effective option for lightening and brightening your beautiful face! Price:  Rs. 117 Rating: 4.7/5

2. Montagne Jeunesse Moisturizing And Purifying Strawberry Souffle Masque:

This Montagne Jeunesse mask with strawberry extracts helps to purify the skin from deep within. It gives a refreshed, hydrated feeling, leaving the skin soft and smooth. If you are a fruit lover and enjoy a lot of fruity variants in your vanity, why not try this one? Price:  Rs. 179 Rating: 4.5/5

3. Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Anti-Stress Mud Masque:

This mask possesses a pleasant fragrance of lavender, sea wood and other Dead Sea minerals. It also helps to relax the skin, aiding the removal of skin impurities. It helps to open blocked skin pores, leaving the skin clear, clean and radiant. If your skin has turned dull because of everyday work load and other related problems, give this one a go. Price:  Rs. 177 Rating: 4.4/5

4. Montagne Fruit Smoothie Masque:

It has mango and pomegranate extracts for deep cleansing. It removes dirt and chemical impurities, making the skin fresh and radiant naturally. This again is an amazing option for fruit lovers. It not only smells amazing but helps you get rid of dry and dull skin in an equally amazing manner. Price:  Rs. 380 Rating: 4.2/5

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5. Montagne Jeunesse Green Tea Peel Off Masque:

This masque contains green tea extracts whose antioxidant properties help in deep cleansing the skin. It refreshes the skin, helping to even out the skin tone without clogging pores. This natural skin purifying option is a must try as green tea is a world-renowned detoxifying ingredient Price: Rs. 146 Rating: 4.2/5

6. Montagne Jeunesse White Chocolate Masque:

This yummy white chocolate masque helps to deep cleanse the skin, making the complexion radiant and glowing. Cocoa butter, rich cream and jojoba in it make the skin smooth and supple. For all chocolate lover beauties, this is definitely a must-try face mask. Price: Rs. 323 Rating: 4/5

7. Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud Masque:

This face mask has natural ingredients like mud, aloe vera, willow, rosemary and witch hazel that help to fight all the skin problems. It gives you clear, refreshed skin with a radiant glow. Blemishes and acne are common skin problems that this mask will surely help you deal with. Price: Rs. 140 Rating: 4/5

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8. Montagne Jeunesse Red Hot Earth Sauna Masque:

This Montagne Jeunesse mask gives a warm feeling when applied on the face. It has a thick and luxurious texture. This hot mask helps to relax the skin, making it soft and radiant. Price: Rs. 176 Rating: 4/5

9. Montagne Jeunesse Virgin Olive Masque:

This cold pressed virgin olive oil mud masque helps to make the skin soft and supple. Moisturizing agents like shea and cocoa butter in it help to make your skin super smooth. It also deeply cleanses the impurities. And the best part is that it can be used on the most sensitive skin without experiencing any irritation. Price: Rs. 159 Rating: 3.5/5

10. Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Purifying Peel Off Masque:

It refreshes the skin by removing dead and dry skin. It makes the skin feel smooth, clean and instantly relaxed. If you are suffering from dull skin or dark spots, this mask may be an answer to your skin problems. Price: Rs. 293 Rating: 3/5

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Have you tried any of these face masks? Or would you like to pick up one of these? Do leave us a comment.

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