Best Naturtint Hair Color Products – Our Top 10 Picks June 3, 2015

Naturtint offers hair colors made from natural ingredients like wheat, corn and soy. It is a healthy way to add color to your hair without causing damage while application or afterwards. There is an amazing range of shades which can be mixed with each other if you want a different shade. The botanical contents revitalize the hair and make them shiny. It covers gray hair and is free of chemicals like ammonia, parabens and resorcinol which damage the hair and make it dull.

Application of Naturtint Hair Color is not a very lengthy process and that’s what makes it appealing. In India, you find the best of shades from the set of 28 colors that Naturtint hair color chart offers. Listed are the ten most popular ones that suit the need of an Indian customer.

Top 10 Naturtint Hair Color Products

1. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 3N Dark Chestnut Brown:

Chestnut brown is the most common shade that suits an Indian skin tone. Brown hair often loses its luster and natural sheen. It can be darkened through this natural shade from Naturtint. This color requires very low maintenance and gives a deeper tone to natural brown hair.

Price is Rs. 2015 for 5.98 ounce

2. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 2N Brown Black:

Black hair color looks artificial when applied. To make it look natural, this shade from Naturtint hair colors works well. It is the closest shade to black that gives a rich look and can be used on black hair without any mess.

Price is Rs. 2092 for 5.98 ounce

3. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 4N Natural Chestnut:

Those having dark brown shade of hair and want a change can use this shade from Naturtint. It is a natural light brown meant for Indian skin tone.

Price is Rs. 2246 for 5.98 ounce.

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4. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 5C Light Copper Chestnut:

Fair to wheatish skin tones can apply 5C Light Copper Chestnut from Naturtint for a natural look. It complements the skin tone and gives an overall soft and rich finish. Darker skin toned people can add depth to the look by using highlights of this shade.

Price is Rs. 2246 for 5.98 ounce.

5. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 4M Mahogany Chestnut:

For those fond of Mahogany shades, this is an excellent choice which is perfect for Indian skin. It draws attention to a different hair color without looking very in-your-face.

Price is Rs. 2318 for 4.50 ounce

6. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 9R Fire Red:

Naturtint offers 2 shades of red tones. This is best suited in combination with natural, copper or ash shades of Nutrient for highlighting or mixing.

Price is Rs. 2182 for 5.98 ounce

7. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 4G Golden Chestnut:

The specialty of this shade is that it has a natural glow that makes the face look bright. It suits most of the skin tones without making one look dark.

Price is Rs. 2211 for 5.98 ounce

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8. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 5G Light Gold Chestnut:

Light Gold Chestnut is meant for people with fair complexion and makes the skin glow. If you have light brown or black eyes, the color adds life to the face.

Price is Rs. 2148 for 5.98 ounce

9. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 6G Dark Golden Blonde:

Golden Brown is basically used for highlighting. It draws attention and looks shiny. For those who want a change while playing safe with colors, this is perfect.

Price is Rs. 2326 for 5.98 ounce

10. Naturtint Permanent Hair Color 7.7 Teide Brown:

Edgy and gorgeous is the only term that defines the single brown shade offered by Naturtint. The special feature of this color is that it can be combined with any of the 29 mixable shades from Naturtint.

Price is Rs. 2148 for 5.98 ounce

Despite being pricy, Naturtint has its niche for the quality and performance it gives. Most importantly, customers are happy with the product as it is made of natural ingredients and does not cause damage to the skin.

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